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Dinosaurs, Cultural Capital, and Logo Design

Hosted By: Joe Cox | June 2023

With Joe Cox: The Pop-Marketing Podcast

This week, Dyno Creative teamed up with the host of The Pop-Marketing Podcast, Joe Cox, to uncover the Jurassic-sized impact of design on the ever-evolving landscape of pop culture.

Are you ready to roar into the world of branding and design with the strength of a T-Rex? Then check out our key takeaways from this conversation and don’t forget to check out this podcast episode. You won’t want to miss it!

Key Takeaways

On this podcast episode, we took a deep-dive into the essence of branding – from crafting a solid foundation to the importance of a unique brand promise. We also explored how household names like Taco Bell, Burger King, and Pepsi manage to constantly redefine themselves. 

Here are some of our most important takeaways from this valuable conversation.

Your Brand Promise Is Important

  • A brand promise should be a natural extension of your brand vision and reflect your ultimate purpose.
  • A brand promise should also differentiate your brand from your competitors. What makes you stand out?
  • Keep your brand promise concise, understandable, and relatable. This isn’t the time or place for big fancy words nobody understands. 
  • It’s important to demonstrate how you will deliver on the promise and live up to it.

Personal Branding and Creativity

  • We love highlighting our personal branding and creativity at Dyno Creative! Our very own Principal and Chief Strategist, Daniel Adoff, acts as a walking billboard for our brand’s creative spirit— curly mustache and Hawaiian shirts are our JAM! 
  • Once you figure out your own personal brand, have fun with it!
  • Take a look at how creativity has been present in your life. Draw inspiration from the world around you and other creatives. Then, apply it to your brand.
  • Remember, building meaningful relationships can be achieved by creating successful brands and products.

Community Building and Branding Techniques

  • It’s always better to build a welcoming community and bring people in rather than act as a gatekeeper and talk down to others. Successful brands are professional, collaborative, and respectful of others. 
  • Treat yourself like a client and invest time in your own brand. 
  • Focus on solving your clients biggest problems. Assess their pain points and come up with solutions. 
  • Refine and evolve your brand messaging and storytelling while keeping core values intact.

Importance of Brand Vision

  • Make sure you have a solid foundation for a brand before creating a logo. A logo is just a small part of a brand’s identity. To learn more about this topic, check out our blog Why You Need More Than Just A Logo
  • Your brand vision needs to include multiple components such as your vision, mission, values, brand strategy, visual strategy, and brand story.
  • Reverse engineer previous assets and collateral when evolving a brand.
  • Don’t forget to identify your core values and create a visual symbol to represent each one. We recommend coming up with 3-5 core values.

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