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Bite-sized Branding: Refreshing The Brand Story

Hosted By: Ucidity | May 2023

Bite-sized Branding EP 81 - Refreshing The Brand Story

On this week’s episode of Bite-sized Branding, we had the privilege of breaking down how top companies like Kia, Nokia, and Hootsuite navigate their brand refreshes to stay ahead of the curve. We also discuss the role of core values, target audiences, and market trends.

If you are interested in learning how your business can learn from these top companies successes and missteps as you move your own business forward, you won’t want to miss this episode!


Learn from the Experts

At Dyno Creative, we help evolve brands and strengthen their connection with their tribes. As a boutique full-service agency with services ranging from branding and brand development to illustration and web development, we understand the importance of a brand story. 

No matter what industry you are in, every brand has a reason for refreshing their brand story . Some of the most common reasons include:

  • changing market dynamics
  • boosting audience engagement
  • ensuring brand consistency
  • maintaing a strong position in a competitive landscape
  • relevance
  • repositioning to reflect new values
  • expanding audience demographics
  • company evolution
  • crisis management
  • updating storytelling techniques

Everywhere we turn, we discover other creative brands with their own unique story that we can learn from! Here are just a few we unpacked during our chat with Ucidity:


Kia Rebrand

The new Kia logo received mixed feedback. While some appreciated the angular design and consistent fonts, others found it confusing, resembling a reversed “N.” It was noted that the new branding represents a more modern and superior quality, aligning with the next generation of Kia cars. 

Nokia Rebrand

The Nokia logo underwent a revival, featuring a novel and modern design. The typography was well-received, with a font that had a stretched appearance, adding a touch of playfulness. The rebrand aimed to reflect the company’s comeback and embrace current trends, such as animatics and mascot-based branding.

Hootsuite Rebrand

The new Hootsuite logo introduced an owl mascot and a refreshed typography. Opinions on the rebrand were divided. Some appreciated the playful and eye-catching appeal, while others felt the old logo looked more modern and versatile. The introduction of character-based branding aimed to align with the rise of NFTs and animatics. 

Canada Dry Rebrand

The Canada Dry logo underwent a modernization process, simplifying the design and embracing flat and minimalist aesthetics. The new branding conveyed a sense of high-class craft beverage, distinguishing it from the previous off-the-shelf look.  

Key Takeaway

Overall, refreshing your brand story is a strategic move. It allows brands to adapt to changing times, connect with your audience on a deeper level, and maintain a consistent, relevant, and compelling narrative. 

The successful evolution of a brand involves multiple important components, including core values, target audience, and understanding market trends. The interplay between nostalgia, iconic status, and market impact shapes the decisions of major brands. 

As we’ve witnessed, design trends change in response to evolving digital environments. Branding is a dynamic field that requires constant adaptation and creative thinking. To make sure your branding is done right, start your next project with the creative team at Dyno Creative today!

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