Tron: Legacy Illustrated Poster

Our main goal with this poster design was to push the over-the-top epic futurism while also including unique narrative elements. Everything in the design is either encompassing or surrounding Clu, with symmetrical composition leaning into the environmental design used in almost every shot of the movie. For our final prints, we chose a metallic foil treatment to go along with the futuristic aesthetics.

The Goal

Our goal with this poster project was to mirror the same strength and sense of spirit that Lucasfilm and Disney poured into each chapter.

Tron Casestudy Printed1


“Tron: Legacy” is a visually stunning sequel that expands the digital world of the original film. While the story is predictable, the action and effects are impressive, and the performances by Jeff Bridges and Garrett Hedlund are solid. A must-watch for fans of the original, as well as any sci-fi action enthusiasts. The movie is characterized by a sleek, modern aesthetic, with glowing suits and vehicles, advanced architecture, and digital landscapes. Overall, the visuals in “Tron: Legacy” are a feast for the eyes and contribute significantly to the movie’s immersive experience.
The soundtrack is one of the strongest reasons why we love the movie. Composed by electronic music duo Daft Punk, the soundtrack is considered one of the movie’s standout features. The music is a blend of orchestral elements and electronic beats, perfectly complementing the film’s futuristic setting. Daft Punk’s signature sound is clear throughout the soundtrack, with driving rhythms and pulsing synthesizers creating senses of tension and excitement. The music also features ethereal, beautiful melodies, adding to the movie’s emotional impact.
Overall, the soundtrack for “Tron: Legacy” is a masterful blend of electronic and orchestral music that perfectly captures the movie’s futuristic and immersive atmosphere. We wanted to pay homage to these unique elements that are showcased throughout the movie. Below, you can see the process of color splitting, which we used to develop prints just in time for DesignerCon.
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Tron Casestudy Process1
Tron Casestudy Process2
Tron Casestudy Process3
Tron Casestudy Final1
Tron Casestudy Final2
Tron Casestudy Final4
Tron Casestudy Title
Tron Casestudy Web


“Tron: Legacy” is a thought-provoking and visually stunning film that explores complex ideas about technology, identity, and the human condition. This poster was inspired by another illustrator’s translation of the movie—the detail and treatment of light really caught our eye and put this movie back on our radar. After rewatching the movie numerous times, we dove deeper for reference and understanding. The final result is something we are proud of and were happy to share with other movie lovers, both at DesignerCon and in our Dyno Store.

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