Soke + Soula (Spirited Brands) Illustrations

As Spirited Brands envisionsed their new off the shelf cocktails, they trusted us at Dyno Creative to create irresistible marketing assets to help promote their delicious beverages. Their art direction lead to a seamless collaboration and resulted in some kick-ass character illustrations.

The Goal

To create stand-out marketing illustrations that brought SOKE and SOULA’s mascots to life.



Under their creative direction, we developed 3 (SO FAR) character illustrations that bring to life Tome and Pedro, the figureheads of SOKE and SOULA, respectively. The illustrations needed to be adaptable for different formats, like large standees and small scale stickers.

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Soke 1 Sketches
Soke 1 Drawing
Soke 1 Final
Soke 2 Process
Soke 2 Final
Soula Process
Soula Final


Through our powers combined, we were able to draw out the personalities of Pedro and Tome, and help SOKE and SOULA kickoff their marketing push with a bang! Using our illustrations, Spirited Brands has given their launch events an ideal photo-op for their fast growing audience. Make sure to grab one of their tasty drinks and see for yourself what all the hype is about.

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