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Pathfinder Mortgage emerged as a beacon of clarity and guidance in a world where the path to homeownership seemed intimidating and out of reach. Our story begins not in boardrooms or corporate meetings but in the lives of everyday people like you—those who did everything “right” yet found their dream of homeownership slipping further away. As we look to the future, we remain committed to expanding our reach, having a positive impact on more lives, and redefining the mortgage experience. 


The Goal

Develop a comprehensive brand identity and website for Pathfinder Mortgage that will elevate its brand visibility in a saturated market, convey its unique value proposition to target demographics, and increase customer engagement and brand loyalty.

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Our primary objective was to craft a brand identity that diverges from conventional imagery typically associated with the mortgage industry. Our vision revolved around infusing a captivating sense of adventure akin to an Indiana Jones-esque exploration. By embracing a gamified approach, we aimed to instill a thrilling sense of discovery within our brand narrative. 

This creative direction enabled us to defy the limitations of a traditional “corporate” aesthetic for our logo, which was both challenging and rewarding. Throughout the process, we navigated the delicate balance between pushing the boundaries of our fantastical realm and ensuring that we remained grounded enough to resonate with our target audience. It required careful consideration to discern what constituted as “too far” in our fantasy world, so as to still maintain a connection to reality. By treading this fine line, we were able to strike a harmonious balance that allowed our brand to stand out while remaining relatable to our audience. 

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From the very beginning, Pathfinder Mortgage emphasized a desire to remain focused on the community and educate prospective homebuyers on everything they need to know to make the best-informed decisions possible. All too often, the term “mortgage” leaves people feeling uneasy or uncertain. But with Pathfinder Mortgage, we wanted our messaging to be empowering. 

With this in mind, we wanted to avoid using any terminology that confuses, promotes a sense of superiority, or uses any sort of fear-mongering that makes our audience feel stuck or limited in their options. 

After thoughtful consideration and meaningful discussions, we developed five essential core values that are the foundation for everything Pathfinder Mortgage stands for—partnership, vulnerability, community, growth, and stability. 

All of our brand messaging components promote a sense of partnership and trust, reassuring the community that Pathfinder Mortgage is committed to helping you discover your own path forward to financial freedom. 

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Pathfinder Casestudy Brandbook


Our dynamic illustrations drew inspiration from the vibrant landscapes of the gaming universe, aiming to capture a sense of adventure, mystery, and discovery throughout all our designs. Incorporating elements synonymous with gaming culture, we introduced aspects like graphic “flares” to symbolize the significant and rewarding feeling of completing a quest. The chosen typography had a subtle otherworldly and mystical allure, and by interweaving elements of grit and texture into our designs, we forged a visual landscape that mirrored the challenges and triumphs inherent in every adventure. These subtle nuances not only length depth and authenticity to our creations but also fostered a sense of immersion, enveloping both our Pathfinder mascot and clients in a world brimming with possibility.

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Brand In Action

The branding for Pathfinder Mortgage presents a clean, yet playful aesthetic that communicates professionalism, security, and a sense of future possibilities just waiting to be unlocked. As you see the brand in action, you will notice the focus is always geared toward putting power and control back into the hands of the homeowner. 

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Digital Development

The web development journey of the Pathfinder Mortgage brand showcases our sense of creativity and digital innovation. Pathfinder Mortgage isn’t like other mortgage advisors, so we needed to design a website that celebrates its unique approach to homeownership.

Pathfinder Mortgage truly values being a partner and helping prospective homebuyers, whether first-time or seasoned buyers, navigate their path to homeownership. So, our design and interface needed to reflect the journey a person can take when looking for a home. This includes providing educational resources to help them stay informed.

By incorporating elements of gaming culture, we successfully designed a website that serves as a platform for both function and design, enabling users to explore their 4-step Journey to Homeownership in a playful, approachable, and accessible way. 


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Pathfinder Casestudy Website


Whether you are at the beginning stages of your homebuying journey or ready to sign on the dotted line, Pathfinder Mortgage will be your partner guiding you through every step of the financing process. Pathfinder Mortgage’s passion for giving back to the community through education and service shines through our branding, illustrations, and brand messaging, and makes an overall positive impression on those who visit the website—when you choose Pathfinder Mortgage, you’re choosing a partner you can trust. 

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