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Dyno Battle Poster

What do you get when two titans of the prehistoric era collide in an epic confrontation of pink and blue? A Dyno Creative screen printed poster!

The Goal

We wanted to showcase our illustration prowess through a screen printed poster we’d be proud to see hanging on your wall.


From the beginning, we knew we would be creating this artwork to be screen printed as a poster. That meant we would need to give careful consideration to the line-work and number of colors used in the design.

The chosen sketch was then refined, pushing the focal point of the design towards the conflict between the two behemoths.

Knowing that we would be using the our brand colors for the poster, we focused the organization of darker value colors vs lighter value colors to further enhance the visual hierarchy we wanted to convey to the viewer.

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Sometimes you have to make creative work that fuels the soul. With this design, we made something that excites ourselves, reinvigorates our passions, and shows the world what we’re all about!

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