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Boss Dog Brand counted on Dyno to disrupt the market with their nutritional (and delectable!) dog treats. Together, we built a scalable brand based on a united love of pets that now includes food and accessories for dogs and cats!

Since defining their cohesive voice and vibe across every touchpoint, Boss Dog successfully skyrocketed to be sold in 1500+ stores throughout the U.S. and Canada.

The Goal

Our goal for this project was to create a visual identity that was appealing on the shelf while also highlighting important health benefits for their pets.

2 Bossdog Packaging


As Boss Dog Brand was the new dog on the block, they needed to build a brand identity from the ground up. Several logo marks were created to explore the fun and health conscious message of the brand. Some marks explored a more illustrative style, similar to the mascot style branding used in sports, while others explored a modular approach. The chosen brand mark uses a badge reminiscent of the shape of a dog’s nose to encompass furry friends of all sizes.

The type was chosen to reflect the playfulness of the relationship between a pet owner and their pet, and the “BOSS” nature of the brand. We all know who the real HPIC (Head Pet In Charge) is!

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Our handcrafted illustrations were developed to create a sense of playfulness that allowed consumers to “see” their own pet in these products.

We placed an emphasis on using illustrations to define the packaging that would allow the brand to not only stand out on the shelf amidst a sea of photography focused brands, but highlight the emotional quality that exists between an owner and pet, and a pet and their next tasty treat!

In turn, this allowed us to successfully translate the brand in physical print and on the web.

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Boss Dog Poop Campaign

Print + Packaging

Boss Nation Brands products have to stand out amongst the competition, and present a unified voice that let’s consumers easily identify the many purchasing options available. The products feature a consistent hierarchy of elements, with an emphasis on the product name, features, and the pets who will be enjoying it! Colors are used to help identify flavor as well as the type of product. Subtle background patterns help further demonstrate the flavor to be expected inside the packaging. A specially designed package of icons is used across product lines to call out the important features, with an emphasis on nutrition, of each specific product.

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Health Benefits Boss Nation Brands
Packaging For Boss Nation

Digital Development acts as a central hub for consumers to find out everything they would like to know in regards to what Boss Nation has to offer and where they can find their new favorite products.  The comprehensive store locator ensures that you can always find the nearest store to restock on your pet’s most desired delectables.  The featured blog provides even more access into the happenings of Boss Nation. You can find the most recent news, tasty recipes to keep things fresh, and learn more about focused charitable efforts of their Boss Nation Cares campaign. Adding a store for easy E-commerce was an essential addition to ensure you and your pet let everyone around you know who’s BOSS!

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Boss Nation Brands Website


Boss Dog brand has gone from a start-up with placement in only ten stores to an international brand with over 2000 retailers supporting the brand. Part of this growth involves an offshoot brand called Boss Cat Brand. Together, they make up Boss Nation Brands. The founder of Boss Dog had this to say about our team, “Dyno Creative treats Boss Dog as their own (brand). Their quick response and attention to detail is the reason why they are my most trusted strategic partner.”


“Daniel and his team treat Boss Dog as their own (brand). Their quick response and attention to detail is the reason they are my most trusted strategic partner.”

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