Barkfield Road Branding

At Barkfield Road, our vision for building a healthier community is made possible by sharing our expertise in health and wellness, our passion for high-quality products, and our commitment to helping our furry four-legged friends live long and healthy lives.

The Goal

With new ownership coming in to push the brand forward, we set out to showcase the nostalgic and welcoming core of the Barkfield Road brand. A brand evolution was needed to help them empower pet parents and the community to create a more vibrant and wellness-oriented pet lifestyle.


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Starting with their mascot, we illustrated our dog in reference to Kevin and Gabby’s (business owners) own furry friends. After several concepts and discussions were drawn up, we arrived at a vintage, tethered, and radiant look. With the ears settled, eyes trustingly closed, and a subtle smile, the brand’s mascot offers a sense of comfort in our logo mark.

To speak on the health benefits of shopping at Barkfield, we’ve included a lively icon of a pup in action.

To go along with the store bakery, we’ve included a comical version with a baking hat.
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Logos1 1 Barkfieldroad
Logos1 Barkfieldroad
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From the very beginning, Barkfield Road wanted to establish a brand voice that felt welcoming, supportive, and trustworthy. To achieve this, we developed 5 core values that served as the foundation of the brand: quality, wellness, consistency, experience, and empowerment.

Barkfield Road also wanted to prioritize fostering relationships with pet owners and give them a sense of comfort and encouragement in the important decisions they make on a daily basis. This focus enabled our team to develop a strong brand story that encapsulated the heart of the brand and its intention to build a healthier community for our four-legged family members.

Our messaging deliverables significantly positioned Barkfield Road as a leader in the pet wellness industry.  

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Barkfield Road Messaging


Brand identity relies heavily on readability, cohesiveness, and aesthetics. To achieve these goals, we must ask ourselves the following questions:

  • Will it stand the test of time?
  • Will the brand stand out amongst competitors?

Great design solutions typically involve keeping the icon mark simple. Fitting the icon comfortably in a basic shape, such as a square, circle etc, is a commonly used design choice because it works. Designers may want to reinvent the wheel, but that doesn’t necessarily serve the interests of the brand or business.

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Barkfield Road Illustration1
Barkfield Road Illustration2

Print + Packaging

After diving deep into the brand, its messaging, and its visual identity, we put our work into action. We created appealing apparel loyal customers would wear proudly around town. While the brand refresh was getting off the ground, we created mock-ups of potential product packaging designs to demonstrate how the brand’s visual identity would live on a shelf.
One of the most overlooked steps to getting a product to stand out in a crowded marketplace is adding additional value to the customer. Barkfield offers great products and baked goods for our pets, so Dyno Creative created a warm, homey aesthetic to house every baked item Barkfield may sell. With bold contrasting colors, we aimed to design something that would get people excited on social media and come in for a visit.
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Digital Development

With the new branding established, we started a fresh website from the ground up to be user friendly, welcoming, and easy for pet parent’s to navigate. Whether you want to buy kibble, fresh baked goods, or a new chew toy, Barkfield Road’s new website delivers on the promise of welcoming you and your fur family home

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Barkfield Road Web


At Dyno Creative, our partners are like family, and that sentiment rang true during our time working with Barkfield Road. Kevin and Gabby are passionate about everything they do. Their focus, care, and heart for creating a healthier community for both pets and pet parents made our time working together the smoothest process you can imagine. Their timely and insightful feedback steered our creative design in the right direction from day one. We are honored to leave our creative paw print on the Long Island community.

If you’re looking for something similar to what you’ve just seen, get in touch with us. We’d love to meet with you!

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