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Antigua Farms and Brewing Branding

Antigua was told that hops couldn’t be grown in San Luis Obispo before proving conventional wisdom wrong. A business defined by its perseverance, Dyno Creative captured the passion of Antigua’s founders to develop a bold brand worthy of discerning consumers with both storytelling and stunning visuals.

The Goal

We created a brand identity that celebrates a hop-focused that could also be used for both a farm and brewery.



Since Antigua is a hop farm at its core, we knew we had to show hops in the logo. The challenge was deciding how we could showcase hops and not look like every other beer brand out there. Then the answer came to us. We could set Antigua Farms and Brewing apart from other brands by tying in the spirit of the central coast.
After some exploration of typography and icons, we decided on an option that tied in a view of the hills around San Luis Obispo, one of the seven sisters.
Built from the blue jeans of the working class, we found a color palette that worked for everyone.
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Showcasing the heart of Antigua Farms and Brewery, the designs we built created a strong foundation the brand could live under for years to come.

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