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By Dyno Creative | December 20, 2019

Dyno Creative helps break down why you need more than just a logo. Consider the person you are talking to and the position you want to speak from. Save time in the long run.

More Than Just a Logo: Creating Your Brand Identity

You have a logo. Now what?

Congratulations! You have an idea for a company and have created a really cool logo to kick things off. You may be thinking, I’m all set! Let’s do this! But wait. While establishing your visual identity is important, you need more than just a logo to tell your brand’s story. Every aspect of your business matters. Invest the time now to solidify a foundation for your brand to avoid problems in the future.

Know The Difference

A logo is used for identification purposes. A brand encompasses how an audience will respond to its services and products. Your logo is not the single identity that defines your brand. The emotional perception of your brand is what matters most.  What do people think about you? How do you make them feel? Would they recommend you to a friend? Will they be a repeat customer?

Moving From The “Idea Stage”

Moving from the “idea stage” to developing a comprehensive brand involves many different components. A successful brand needs more than just a logo – it needs a belief system – a set of core values that consumers can identify with. The logo itself isn’t a brand. No matter how well-designed, a logo will not act as the sole driving force that compels a potential customer to use your service or purchase your product.


Think Long-Term

Begin thinking long-term. What kind of experience do you want your customers to have with your brand? To build a loyal customer base, consider the following:

More Than Just a Logo: Creating Your Brand Identity

Core Identity – allows you to successfully communicate who you are and what you do. To break it down, think about your…

  • Purpose
  • Vision
  • Mission Statement
  • Values

Defining these essential components will help you better identify your target audience and find opportunities to connect with them in a meaningful way.

Brand Story – everything you create needs to connect to your message and reinforce your values. Developing a well-crafted message is a critical factor when establishing consistency in your brand.

Invest The Time NOW

Yes, your logo is important. And yes, it needs to be memorable as it stems from your product or service. Paving the way for effective branding is a time commitment. By solidifying your brand identity now, you will save yourself the time and headache of rebranding yourself several years down the road due to a poorly developed and inconsistent brand identity.

We Can Help

Take a look at our branding process. You may notice we do not solely focus on logo development. That’s because the logo is only one small piece to the puzzle. Albeit, a critical border piece for sure. Branding requires depth. You need more than just a logo to “tell your story”. Dyno Creative is well-versed in helping businesses transition from the beginning “idea stage” to a complete comprehensive brand…and a logo, of course.

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