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Keeping Your Creativity Fresh

By Dyno Creative | October 23, 2023
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Creativity Boosts Inspiration and Success

As a creative digital branding agency, we understand how important creativity is when it comes to the success of our business. But in a world where innovation and fresh ideas reign supreme, it can sometimes feel frustrating trying to maintain a high level of creativity and inspiration when time is limited and all your creative juices are directed towards client work.

Whether you are a seasoned in-house designer working at a large agency, a junior designer still learning the ropes, or a freelance designer seeking to stand out in a competitive market, finding relevant ways to nurture your creative spark is essential to your motivation and success in a creative industry.

So, how can creative individuals like yourself keep your creativity fresh so you can boost inspiration and success? Here’s our list of tried-and-true strategies that continue to help us keep our creativity fresh, and we think they can help you too.


1. Sign up for a creative conference.

Professional development has undergone a significant transformation in the wake of the pandemic. The shift towards remote work, social distancing measures, and the limitations on in-person gatherings have compelled professionals to adapt to new ways of learning and growing. Virtual platforms and online courses have become the norm, allowing individuals to access a wealth of resources from the comfort of their homes.

But while some people thrive in this type of digital learning environment, it also presents its own set of challenges, namely a sense of isolation and lack of the in-person interactions that fuel creativity and collaboration. Don’t get us wrong, our tribe of creatives all have VERY different learning styles and preferences. Some of us would much rather attend a creative conference online from the comfort of our own home while others are eager to get back out into the world and rub elbows with other creative professionals in the industry. But regardless of where you fall on this issue, the most important thing is that you make an effort to find a creative conference you are interested in and attend, whether virtually or in-person.

Attending creative conferences offers you a unique blend of inspiration, collaboration, and connection—all fundamental elements that maintain and nurture creativity.  By participating in a creative conference, professionals like yourself can escape the four walls of your office (whether you work from home or somewhere else), interact with peers, and immerse yourself in an environment that is specifically designed to stimulate innovative thinking. Our team was ready to do just that!

Earlier this Fall, a few of us attended a creative conference in Washington called Into the Woods. This conference was held by one of our favorite design agencies whom we admire, Lincoln Design Co. As a branding agency, we understood how important it was to take advantage of this opportunity to learn new skills, network with fellow designers, and get caught up on industry best practices—while exploring a beautiful new environment and enjoy some quality team bonding, of course! 

If you are looking for a creative conference to attend, we would highly recommend Into the Woods. You can read more about our experience here

Dynovember 2023 Prompt List Social

2. Engage in daily practice.

Just as athletes consistently train to excel in their specific sport, creatives also have to hone their skills and flex their creative muscles to ensure a continuous flow of ideas to remain at the top of their game. Regular practice not only refines your technique, it also fosters a creative mindset that thrives on experimentation and innovation. Just think, Jackie Chan wouldn’t be the world-renowned actor, filmmaker, martial artist, and stuntman he is today without putting in hours and hours of practice!

At Dyno Creative, we love daily practice, whether its reading, drawing, writing, piano, or muay thai. Yep—we’re a seriously talented group! In fact, we have a great “practice” opportunity we’d love to share with you that can help you keep your creativity fresh and give you some new inspiration!

Dynovember Drawing Prompts

Every November, our team likes to host “Dynovember,” a friendly drawing challenge supported by a creative prompt list (see image above) that will surely get you smiling. You may already be familiar with this concept as these types of drawing challenges have become fairly popular via social media. 

Here are some of the many reasons why we love Dynovember:

  • It gives you a chance to step away from your normal 9-5 work and do something different—more FUN!
  • It engages a deeper level of creativity. When was the last time you drew a groovy mystic mushroom forest?
  • It pushes you out of your comfort zone, in a good way! Not only will you draw a combination of things your may not have considered before, it will remind you to put perfectionism aside and just enjoy the process of creating some new and fresh. 

We’d love for you to join us! Follow us on Instagram to get a weekly reminder of the prompt list, and don’t forget to tag us in your cool creations. We’d love to cheer you on as you keep your creativity fresh by exploring the benefits of daily practice.



3. Connect with a like-minded creative community.

Our Dyno Creative team hosts a monthly Drink + Draw event at Unsung Brewing in Anaheim, California where people of all walks of life (even people who don’t know how to draw!) come together, connect, and engage their creative minds. Some people come from a professional design background and just want to engage in fun drawing activities that are low-stakes and not tied to any specific project, scope, or tight deadlines. Other people enjoy attending Drink + Draw because they can meet new people and step out of their comfort zones. Either way, this event is one way we continue to build community and remind people that it’s okay to take time out of your day, week, or month to engage in something creative and fun, without any expectations or real purpose other than to simply be creative. 

If you live in the area, we’d love for you to join us at our next Drink + Draw event! Click the button below to learn more. 

Coffeebag Titanblend2

4. Pursue a passion project.

Last but not least are passion projects. In case you haven’t noticed the recurring theme in this blog post, a significant way to keep your creativity fresh is by simply doing things for FUN. At Dyno Creative, we made a list of ideal companies we’d like to work with. Instead of just stopping there, we decided—why not do a mock project showcasing the kind of work we can do for that type of ideal client? 

Our first passion project was developing a coffee company called”Kaiju Coffee” because why not…who doesn’t love coffee and Godzilla!? We created this fictional brand from the ground up, developing the brand name, mission and vision, core values, value proposition, and even the visual design assets like brand colors, typography, and package design. 

Some may think this is a lot of work with no immediate payoff, but there are several things this passion project taught us.

  1. We are capable of more than what we think.
  2. We have insane creative ideas that can be of high value to a new or emerging brand looking to scale their product line.
  3. We were able to fine-tune our creative process and identify areas that needed improvement. We were able to do this without the pressure of it being a real client-paid project.
  4. We explored some new creative styles and tools to elevate our designs.
  5. In general, we make really cool looking shit! 
Ask yourself, what can be your next passion project that will keep your creativity fresh and inspire you to move further in your creative journey? 

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