Offshoot Beer Co Package Design

Known for the hoppiest beers alive—Offshoot Beer Co. is  a literal  offshoot of The Bruery. When this craft beer wonder needed custom design for their limited releases, they looked no further than Dyno. Together, we defined their brews with wrap-around labels to reflect cheeky names from “Overdraft Protection” to “Hoptimized Returns”.

The Goal

Our goal was to build a series of custom can illustrations with typography based off an auction winning beer aficionado’s concept.

3 Offshoot Package Design


We strived to create a custom wordmark for both labels that would incorporate the type into the illustration. Using text within the illustration allows to push the narrative on display to the consumer with minimal disruption to the story being told.

With the “Overdraft Protection” design, you can see waves of beer swirling around and taking over bags of money and personal belongings, highlighting the negative side effects of not having the security of overdraft protection.
The second can design, “Hoptimized Returns,” is a hop-lover’s delight. With dollar bills interwoven throughout the endless supply of hops, this illustration communicates the great “return” you will get in flavor when you crack open a can of this Hazy Double IPA.
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4 Offshoot Beer Co Label Options

Print + Packaging

The prompt for these designs were specific to a friend of the concept’s creator. It was important to drop Easter Eggs related to said friend throughout the can. We used the wrap around nature of the illustration to showcase these details around the side and back of the labels, while letting the flavor titles take center stage on the front, offering a reveal of the full narrative as the can is rotated in-hand.

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5 Offshoot Package Design
6 Offshoot Beer Co Package Design


These beers have long since sold out, but with sequels being all the rage, never say never on a follow up!

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