Moulton Company: Silver Tip Lodge Branding

The Moulton Company was seeking to create a new logo to better represent the Silvertip Lodge. A logo is a symbol between an entity and its values, cultures, and brand promise. Our design team collaborated with Moulton to create a logo that embodies the mission and message of the brand. We love the great outdoors and wanted to highlight the beauty and simplicity nature has to offer!

The Goal

Our was to produce original compelling logo marks that bridge the spirit of adventure with the coziness of home.

Silvertipcs Branding


Throughout the logo development process, we made sure to stay within the parameters of our Moulton Branding guidelines. We used our typographical elements throughout with our fonts and layouts, maintaining a balanced sense of simplicity.

Our colors are what differentiate our core branding from this logo set for Silvertip Lodge. For this partnership, we used our earthy warmer toned colors to set it apart and create its own identity.

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Silvertipcs Branding2
Silvertipcs Illustration Secondarylogomarks


For our illustration, we stuck with minimal imagery that transports you into the Montana wilderness. We played with elements of a bear, a strong exquisite creature, pine trees and the expansive mountains of Whitefish, Montana. We then combined these elements to make a simple but distinctive logo mark.

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Silvertipcs Illustration Mainlogomarks
Corelogo Render

Print + Packaging

After working through our main and secondary logo marks, we mocked-up some t-shirt designs for apparel pieces. We took our main logo mark and added highlights, shadows, and noisy gradients to give a grainy wood effect while also creating contrast in the design.

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Tshirts Illustration
Towel Illustration


Our partner needed a cohesive brand for their new property and we delivered. After much rejoicing, they loved the identity crafted for their BRAND new home.

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