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Moulton Branding

When The Moulton Company needed to effectively unite three brands under one umbrella, they called Dyno Creative. Together, we designed a cohesive look and feel for the Orange County family-owned company to naturally define their Ranch, Foundation, and historical Museum—with branding touchpoints inspired by their remarkable past, present, and future.

The Goal

Our goal was to effectively unite three brands under one umbrella – give each branch a cohesive visual identity that works well on its own, as well as together. ​


The Moulton family has long been a staple of the Orange County area. With their longevity and success, multiple passions and projects across various fields have evolved. These projects all exist within one of their three major branches: Moulton Company, Moulton Museum, and the Moulton Family Foundation.

It was important from the outset to ensure each of these branches have a strong and distinctive voice, but are also able to relay back to one another the rich history that they sprouted from. With this in mind, our top priority was to create a new brand identity that clearly and proudly promotes their several brands under a unified aesthetic that gives each company room to shine.

Inspired by this picture of the rolling green hills of the moulton ranch. The colors remind us of the connection the Moulton Company has to the ranch and the properties as a whole.

At the core of these new brand identities are refreshed logo marks. Each mark carries a familiar composition to promote cohesion between the brands, while separating themselves with the use of a distinctive “M” and unique color palette.

Each branch was given a suite of various logo marks that provides the opportunity for versatility within each brand. Each branch’s color palette was chosen from paintings that hold significance to the history and messaging of the Moulton family.

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The Moulton Museum looks to the future fostering community and educating its patrons on our past. In order to create visual assets that most effectively tell their story, we crafted a messaging network that would be sure to target the appropriate audiences, and tell the story of the museum through the correct lens. The goal is to being the past to life and celebrate our history, while bringing forth a greater understand of where we came from and where we can go tomorrow.

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Moulton Museum Messaging


Illustrations for the Moulton Museum take on a bit of a storybook feel. When the museum needs accuracy, photography of its artifacts, and proper records are par for the course. When we we are focusing more on celebrating ideas rooted in history, we lean on illustration to set a more magical tone, and bring out more excitement for further education.

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Print + Packaging

Whether is branded swag, cutting boards, banners, signage, or event wall size mobile exhibits, there isn’t much we haven’t produced with our partners at the Moulton Museum! Each project presents unique opportunities to show off the wonderful work the museum is doing.

While most of our work ends up on display at the museum, or its events, we also develop special items to spread Moulton’s messaging offsite at locations like John Wayne Airport and the soon-to-open Tiller House.

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Digital Development

From the beginning, we created a whole new website that promotes the opening of the new museum. This website allows Moulton to show off their exhibits and collections, as well as houses a robust blog, which people can sign up for, covering the history of the community. In addition, they are now able to sell art through their online store located on the site.

All of this was capable due to developing a conversion focused web strategy that helped promote their business. We designed the new website so it is professional, engaging, and matches their brand’s vision. We were able to create an email opt-in program to increase conversions and leads, driving more traffic to their site through online searches and social media.

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Partners like the Moulton Museum bring forth wonderful ideas and provide the sandbox for creative collaboration to make amazing things. Through our partnership, we have helped the Moulton Museum grow from a concept to an incredible physical space with rotating art gallery. Our work with them continues into the future, where exciting news projects are on the way!

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