Medsol Inc. Branding

When Medsol wanted a fresh new look for their sister brand, they called in Dyno Creative to add a refreshing look that highlights their efficient and sustainable practice they deliver to the community everyday.

The Goal

Taking inspiration from the unique shape language of Medsol’s parent brand, Colimatic, our team sought to create a unique yet recognizable logo mark so that as the brands grow, they remain under one house.

Medsol Case Study Shirt


Our chosen color palette was inspired by Medsol’s core values of trust, high quality, consistency, and family. Using a simple color scheme, we were able to successfully translate the quality work Medsol provides. With a color scheme distinct from its parent brand, it gives Medsol its own space to exist as a brand.

Our core logo mark served the idea of Medsol’s “all under one roof” business style. The overall Medsol logo family is inspired by the shapes created in Colimatics logo. The biggest challenge we faced was the design of the M mark. Do we use it as an iconic mark? Is it going to be an illustrative, minimal, or shapely mark? How far can we push away from any related brands?

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Casestudy Medsol Colors
Casestudy Medsol Logos


At Medsol, longevity and quality of life are at the forefront of everything they do. They treat the customer like family, providing only the best high-quality and reliable products available. They aim to inspire healthcare companies to invest in quality products that uphold integrity and reliability over time. We wanted to stay true to these values throughout our brand development process.

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Medsol Messaging

Print + Packaging

Bringing Medsol to life gave us the opportunity to dive further into how we would present the brand to the world. How will the brand be viewed by fresh eyes? These are things we take into account while developing our brand voice, messaging, values, and design. We got to conceptualize how the brand will look in day to day use, and how it can be used in a creative sense.

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Medsol Case Study Shirt
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Digital Development

The redesign of the MedSol website was a critical project that helped the company increase its visibility and improve its brand image. By leveraging modern design principles and a user-centric approach, we were able to create a website that was not only aesthetically pleasing but also intuitive to navigate. We ensured that the website made it easy for potential customers to learn about the unique products that each machine could make, as well as the pros and cons of each machine to fit the size of their available space.

Additionally, we also created a cohesive branding and print packaging system that further solidified MedSol’s brand identity and helped them stand out in a crowded marketplace. To showcase the range of services that MedSol offers, we made sure that it was easy to navigate to deeper pages on the website in just a few clicks. As a result, MedSol was able to increase customer engagement and drive more leads to their business, ultimately leading to a significant increase in revenue.

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Medsol Case Study Web

Photography + Video

To further establish Medsol’s website, we outsourced the very talented Cory Hill from Rogue Creative Development. Medsol has such a deep catalog of quality services that we wanted to show it off with visuals that everyone would be able to grasp. We hope the video instills a sense of trust and confidence in how customers perceive the Medsol brand.

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With the completion of Medsol, we established a sustainable and sturdy extension for Colimatic to move forward in the packaging industry for years to come.

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