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Locomotion New York is proud to serve Long Island as the first and only Movement Practice. Our highly qualified teachers and extensivemovement study allows us to teach people the exercises they need to mobilize and strengthen their bodies so they can achieve new skillsand complex patterns. We all must move. Let’s move together!

The Goal

Locomotion’s brand identity evolved to highlight the excellence, awareness, and connection—to self and others—that members unlock through Movement Practice. 

Locomotion Header Output


Starting with their brand icon, we illustrated several iterations of an octopus to highlight the sense of the flow and motion that Movement Practice is all about. The mark we landed on maintains a sense of balance while displaying a gesture that represents forward movement and elevation, mirroring the journey of Locomotion’s customers. Like the main icon, the brand colors allude to the calming flow of the ocean, invoking the sense of connected action that is at the essence of Locomotion.

With a suite of additional brand marks, Locomotion can use the best visual asset for the moment to create the most impactful impression on its audience. Setting a defined branding guide will assist in bringing this growing community closer together and help it stand out from the crowd with a powerful visual identity that is uniquely LOCOMOTION.

The type used in the primary logo mark provides each letter room to breath and find balance and harmony with the rest of the word. The chosen brand fonts support the brand through clean letterforms and visual stability.

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Locomotion Logos Finals 01
Locomotion Logos1 Copy
Locomotion Logos1


Locomotion’s brand messaging evolution serves as a case study for fitness businesses seeking to thrive in today’s market. By embracing the changing landscape of fitness and focusing on a holistic approach, Locomotion has carved a unique niche for itself, attracting a community that prioritizes well-being and movement for life.

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Locomotion Messaging Copy


Illustrations are used in the brand identity and the physical space of the gym to showcase the established core values. We can elaborate on the octopus mascot of the brand demonstrate the sense of motion and balance that exists in the root of the Movement Practice that gym patrons undergo.

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Print + Packaging

Our initial push of fresh brand collateral consists of mostly apparel and useful products in for gym goers, like water bottles. While future product may feature more playful and customized designs, we set out to get strong brand awareness in the community with eye catching, and recognizable logos and brand colors to push the value of community, and give all beneficiaries of Locomotion’s teaching the chance to showcase pride in their health and wellness journeys.

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Locomotion Mockups


While the good folks at Locomotion work to evolve the mental and physical well-being of its patrons, we have evolved the brand to more strongly promote its values and deliver its messaging to its community.

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