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Jurassic World: Dominion Key Art + Illustrated Poster

The final film in the long-running dinosaur franchise, Jurassic Park, has come AT LAST! We felt a deep desire to pay homage due to the impact these movies have had on our lives. If there are two things we appreciate here at Dyno Creative, it’s the magic of dinosaurs and Jeff Goldblum!

The Goal

Our goal was to create a poster that pays tribute to the past and present of the Jurassic Park franchise.


We wanted to represent the original film of Jurassic Park coming to a head with this newest installment through the visualization of the past meeting the present. The poster is divided down the center with the younger Dr. Ian Malcolm appearing on the left side of the composition and the current older Dr. Malcolm on the right. His head is cracked open like an egg as a raptor claw grasps for life!

After all, “Life finds a way.”
Towards the bottom of the poster, we see several pterosaurs soaring through the sky, inhabiting the more natural landscape of Isla Nublar on the left and breaking free into the developed modern world on the right.
In the background, we continue this motif of past-meets-present with the juxtaposition of large vertical trees and natural growth colliding with man-made skyscrapers. Finally, in the lenses of Malcolm’s iconic glasses, we see Rexy from the original film ready to square off against the newest, big, bad Giga, in what is surely a prizefight for the ages!
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By combining our love for Pop Culture and Entertainment with our passion for Illustration and Design, we put together a visual campaign that pays homage to the history of the Jurassic Franchise, while tapping into the thrilling nature of the Dino-mite films!

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