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Being the big fans of tasty beverages that we are, we embarked on a journey to add our own creative juices to the tasty mix of three of our favorite drinks available from Firestone Walker: Mind Haze, Nitro Merlin Milk Stout, and Rosalie.

The Goal

We set out to create our own can designs that embody the name and powerful flavors of three existing adult beverages.

Can Designs


Mind Haze

For this design, our goal was to make something mind bending and visually mesmerising. We wanted this label to feel free, vibrant, and bold enough to explore new paths. In this design we utilized some trippy elements like jellyfish, neon-like colors mixed in our mountains, and the iconic firestone shield appearing as a divine essence from the clouds above. Although bright colors are typically paired with bright flavors, the colors take on a different role by representing the bold hoppy uniqueness this beverage offers.

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2 Can Label
3 Mind Haze Box With Can Mockup

Nitro Merlin Milk Stout

For this design, we set out to create an illustration that brought the greatest wizard who ever lived back to life to use his magical powers to
conjure the wondrous elixir that is Firestone’s Nitro Merlin Milk Stout. We wanted this label to posess an energy that felt like controlled chaos, with the liquid of the beverage swirling about as it is wrangled in to form the iconic Firestone shield. Though the beverage is a Stout, we used a palette of cool blue colors and tones to reference the dairy elements of this drink and how magical the flavor is as it is
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6 Can Label
7 Nitro Merlin Box With Can Mockup


For Rosalie, we wanted to create a distinct voice that hasn’t been heard from Firestone – something different, elegant, and knows how to party. With a fusion of wine AND hibiscus, you get a distinct flavor combination in every sip. The overall design uses visual elements such as ornamental frame work and flowy shapes from the romantic period of Art Nouveau. Our color choices were based off of the brews ingredients of grapes, flowers, and hops.
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Rosalie Label
5 Rosaliebox


We wanted to explore how alternative can designs could impact the perception of these delicious drinks, as well as practice creating some highly illustrative can designs using some of our favorite drinks as inspiration.


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