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Coastal Craft Kombucha Branding

Brewed in Oceanside, New York, Coastal Craft Kombucha is known for their commitment to providing the most memorable drinking experience possible.
Derived from the freshest wholesome ingredients, Coastal Craft came to Dyno Creative to help elevate their visual identity and develop a cohesive brand that effectively communicates the passion and care they pour into every beverage.

The Goal

From conceptualization to delicious consumption, our goal was to showcase the effort and care put into the process of developing the innovative flavors of Coastal Craft Kombucha.


Coastal Craft Kombucha already had a positive relationship with their local customers, so we wanted to elevate their branding in a way that allowed the brand to stand out from its competitors while still providing a relatable and familiar design current customers can identity with and enjoy moving forward.

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With a deep connection to its community, Coastal Craft Kombucha proudly celebrates Long Island, NY. Celebrating the people and places of its city became a central backdrop to frame the updated messaging. The story of the brand needed to portray its commitment to the wellness of its patrons, and the pride it takes in all of the wonder of where they come from.

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One of the most identifiable features of Coastal Craft Kombucha’s original design was the seagull icon. We all agreed it was important to honor the seagull from their original design, but make it more playful. The original design was more stagnant, so we wanted to created an updated version that was more active throughout the brand.

Our updated seagull “Dora” (named after the founder Rachel Rappa’s grandmother) can now be seen flying above the clouds, having a surfer on its back with some waves in the background, or dropping coffee into the surrounding ocean.

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Print + Packaging

As we entered into the print and packaging design stage, there was some initial concern about going to cans because Coastal Craft Kombucha’s current customers enjoyed seeing the color of the liquid inside the original glass bottle.

They weren’t sure how that would be translated on the outside, so we made sure those colors were built out throughout the packaging of the can, matching the external color of the can to the color of the drink on the inside.

With our print and packaging, we like to explore new creative ways to make the product stand out against its competitors. With Coastal Craft Kombucha, not only did we want them to stand out against other kombucha brands, we wanted each unique flavor to shine on its own. Thankfully, they loved our flavor wheels we developed for Whalebird Kombucha, so we began exploring different ways to take that concept and make it unique to Coastal Craft.

We took the brand core of the ocean and developed the “waves of flavor” inspired by local surf reports. By tying in the surfing culture, our waves of flavor highlights the types of flavor combinations they will experience within each can, giving the consumer a better idea of what they are about to enjoy!

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Digital Development

With a rebranded visual ID and cohesive brand messaging now in place, Coastal Craft now needed an updated website that was more comprehensive, responsive, and easy to edit and update.

Building in an e-commerce page offering local pickup provided an easy option for further success at local farmers markets. Even better, with our new can design, we were able to offer shipping services whereas before it was glass. Our new store locator feature showcases where people can buy Coastal Craft Kombucha and our wholesale landing page is another great tool showcasing how you can join their program

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Our partnership with Coastal Craft Kombucha has yielded great results. Since the new branding rollout, can sales have doubled and interest in wholesale distribution continues to increase.

In addition, the process of this experience has reinforced the idea that making great design takes time. Our care for ‘craft’ and ‘the art of the process’ reflected those same values of Coastal Craft Kombucha’s, which played a huge role in this beautiful and productive partnership. We mirrored their passion and energy, which has continued to help us grow. We’re so excited to see them continue on their journey of success!

“Dyno Creative completely nailed manifesting my vision and passion.  This new look and feel just feels SO right.  Thanks for making the happy tears happen!”


Founder of Coastal Craft Kombucha

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