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By Dyno Creative | November 10, 2021

Here at Dyno, we tend to seek out that sweet middle-of-the-road refresher that gives us the jolt of energy we need to continue creating epic work for our partners – BOBA!

Need a Little Pick Me Up?

When you’re in a jam and need a little pick me up, what’s your go-to beverage of choice? For some, it may be coffee. For others, it’s tea. And for some, they may reach for something a bit…stronger (wink wink). Here at Dyno, we tend to seek out that sweet middle-of-the-road refresher that gives us the jolt of energy we need to continue creating epic work for our partners – BOBA!

Believe in Boba

We believe that boba is a versatile drink that so many people enjoy. No matter which flavors, toppings, or type of milk you prefer, this fan-favorite drink continues to evolve over time with people’s changing tastes, which if you ask us, is pretty dang cool! 

Sometimes inspiration is sitting right in front of you, in the form of amazing ingredients packed with powerful flavor. Our love for boba has not only led us to making our own boba at home (because we are cool kids with cool hobbies – be jealous!), but it also inspired us to come up with some pretty sweet illustrations we just can’t help but share! Check out these incredible illustrations our intern Amy created. The different flavors depicted in these bobalicious illustrations are exemplified by the personalities of the different characters and color choices used to highlight the flavor profiles of some of our most fave boba drinks. 

Woman drink of bubble milk tea in restaurant

Black Sesame

One of our most flavor-forward favorites is the infamous Black Sesame Boba. The super unique flavor of this drink is nothing but magical and is, in all honesty, everything that is missing in your life. Seriously, you need to get your hands on this boba ASAP. 

Not only is the flavor itself pure bliss, we’ve discovered one of the BEST places to visit that makes their delicious boba in-house, kicking the drink up a whole other notch – Onezo. Never heard of it? Well, you have now! You’re welcome. Their flavors roll up all the things that are magical in this world and pour it into a perfect cup of sip-worthy goodness as their beautiful boba bounces across your tongue. 

Longing for Oolong

Ingredients are a source of inspiration for many people in the culinary world, so it only makes sense that we have certain attachments to different ingredients and flavor profiles. When we’re craving something savory-sweet, we might reach for an Uji Matcha Milk Tea. Or maybe we are longing for something with a bit more variety to match our mood in the moment. For example, we guarantee you won’t be disappointed by the lovely mountain-earthy taste of Brown Rice Oolong. It’s unique and rich flavors always leave us feeling a bit more grounded and centered after each sweet, yet nutty sip. 

Energy Boost

Maybe you are looking for a refreshing beverage that will put a little zest in your life, a pep in your step, a boost of energy to help you get through the day. Our go-to boba booster is the Strawberry Oolong Fruit Tea. The sweet delectable strawberries never disappoint! And if that isn’t quite your jam, Wintermelon is a great runner up. Refreshing. Fruity. Flavorful. And…it’s fun to say!

Woman drink of Taiwan iced bubble tea in the night market

Rose Tea, Please!

Picking a favorite bubble tea is no easy task. Regardless of what your order is, as you continue to explore all your options, we highly suggest sampling some fruity and floral options! Depending on the situation or mood you are in, you have so many options at your disposal. A hot summer day might call for a passion fruit or mango tea with boba, and if there’s ever Watermelon boba available, you can’t pass it up. Trust us! 

As you venture out exploring new boba spots, let us offer you a quick tip. Figure out a flavor you enjoy most and order that at each new location. Might we suggest ordering  a rose tea with boba? There’s something decadent and royal about drinking roses. The aromatic floral notes blend smoothly with the sweetness and the delicate chewy boba are an added delight. A drink that gives off a perfume, is sweet, refreshing, and delicious is that bit of “extra” that a guilty pleasure deserves. Rose tea it is, please!

Getting In Touch

Still feel like you need more options? That’s okay. We totally get it. Here’s one that will surely wow your taste buds – Horchata Milk Tea, for the WIN!

Horchata Milk Tea, with boba of course, is one of our favorite go-to’s that helps us connect with our roots. If you are part of the Mexican culture, you already know that Horchata is a staple when it comes to beverages. Going to a party? Horchata please. Eating out at a restaurant? Horchata, duh. If you haven’t tried this sweet and creamy drink, you are missing out amigo! 

Dancing Buds

Similar to the way people get excited, oohhing and ahhing over a cute puppy, boba tea can also have a similar effect for your taste buds! If you want to find a comfort drink that makes your taste buds dance, we recommend you give the  Wintermelon or Okinawa Milk Tea from DingTea a try. Your taste buds will thank you. 

Not Your Cup of Tea?

Hey, we get it. The actual boba pearls may not be your cup of tea. Maybe you just love trying new milk tea flavors, but aren’t a fan of chewing your drink? That’s cool! Let’s not forget the amazing matcha, taro, and coffee flavored milk teas that pack a punch, with or without the added boba. 

Woman enjoy iced bubble tea in city at night

Treat Yo'Self!

Either way, whatever your preferences are, you deserve to treat yo’self! So go ahead and order that new flavor you’ve been dying to try, add those extra boba pearls, explore new toppings, and continue doing what you do best – being YOU! And hey, give us a follow on our social media and tag us in some of your EPIC boba adventures. We’d love to see what you’re drinking! CHEERS!



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