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6 Reasons Your Small Business Needs Team-Building

By Dyno Creative | March 6, 2023

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

You’ve probably heard the saying “teamwork makes the dream work” — right? Well, it’s true!

Teamwork is vital to increasing efficiency and strengthening relationships between staff and customers. As a small business owner, you depend on your team members to collaborate and work together in order to remain competitive and successful. This leads us to a very important question— how can I promote teamwork in my small business?

The answer—is team-building.

What is Team-Building?

Team-building is the action or process of strengthening relationships between a group of people, especially through activities and events designed to increase efficiency and promote collaboration and cooperation.

Let’s face it. As an adult, you don’t have the luxury of refusing to work with someone because they don’t share common interests or have a different worth ethic than you. This is why building opportunities for team-building is essential for small businesses as it helps create a positive and productive work culture.

If you’re still questioning why team-building is such a big deal, check out these 6 reasons why you need to prioritize team-building in your own business.

1. Team-building creates buy-in.

Forget about just going through the motions, small businesses need to prioritize team-building activities consistently throughout the year. Why? Because it creates buy-in which leads to greater productivity. When each team member understands their role within the small business and is willing to share common experiences, both work-related and non-work related, they can create more meaningful results.

2. Team-building improves communication.

Incorporating regular team-building activities improves communication among staff members which leads to more cooperation and better problem-solving. The proper functioning of a small business relies heavily on the ability of its staff to rely on each other and communicate openly and effectively.

3. Team-building increases job satisfaction.

Team-building can also increase job satisfaction. When employees participate in something that matters, people feel a greater sense of connection and support. When people feel supported by their colleagues and share a common goal, they are more motivated and driven to perform better, which can make all the difference for a small business’ success.

4. Team-building promotes unified decision-making.

The options for team-building activities are endless! Whether you choose to do fun and playful activities or more logic-based problem-solving activities, the ultimate goal is to unify your team as they work to solve a common goal. Teams who are unified tend to make better decisions than those that work in isolation.

5. Team-building fosters a growth mindset.

Small business teams who invest in team-building are able to strengthen their relationships and create a culture of growth. When a team has a positive growth mindset, they are more likely to rely on one another and come up with innovative solutions to complex problems.

6. Team-building is FUN!

Team-building also creates an atmosphere of FUN! When staff members are having fun together, they develop stronger connections which play a significant role in maintaining morale.

Why Dyno Creative Loves Team-Building

At Dyno Creative, we love team-building. We make a conscious effort to get together at least once a month socially. Because we prioritized this long ago, we have become more than colleagues, we’ve become friends. Whether we are gathering for our monthly Drink + Draw event at Unsung Brewing, seeing a movie, or checking out a new local restaurant, we understand the importance of building memories together.

One of our more impactful approaches to team building is our annual retreat. Our retreat is a dedicated time at the beginning of each year (typically held in January) to reflect on our previous accomplishments, set goals for the new year, and spend quality time together—off the clock. Last year, we held our annual retreat nestled in the beautiful hills of Arroyo Grande, CA. Not only did we enjoy quality time together, but we were also able to reflect on why we each found our staff retreats to be so dang valuable. To learn more about our key takeaways, you can read our blog Dyno Retreat – Mission Accomplished!

Give These Team-Building Activities a Try!

As you can see, when small groups come together to collaborate, there is a multitude of benefits. Increased buy-in, improved communication, higher levels of job satisfaction, unified decision-making, and a positive growth mindset are just some of the many critical components needed for a business to be successful.

We recently held our 2023 retreat in Sedona, AZ. With a stronger focus on team-building activities, we walked away with some great memories and awesome tips and activities you can try for yourself!


When it comes to goal setting, we enjoy participating in what we call Start-Stop-Continue. As you reflect on your previous year, take a moment to think about what you would like to start implementing in the new year, what didn’t work well (and you should probably stop doing), and what worked so well you’d like to continue it into the new year.

Goal Planning

If you are in need of some general goal planning, check out our Dyno Goal Planning form. This is great for creating SMART goals and actionable steps to meet all of your goals ranging from career, creative, health and wellness, financial, and even relationship goals.

Team Olympics

This was our first year conducting our very own Dyno Team Olympics and boy was it a BLAST! When we come up with an idea, we don’t hold back. Ping pong, air hockey, shuffleboard, cornhole—you name it, we did it!

Scavenger Hunt

Don’t dismiss the value of a good ol’ scavenger hunt. If you enjoy hosting staff retreats in new locations as we do, try customizing your scavenger hunt to the town/city you are visiting. It is a great way to get out on the town and explore new things!

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