Midsommar Key Art + Illustrated Poster

Midsommar is a wild ride all the way through. One thing that stood out in this film is the cinematography, the contrast between the storyline and happy-go-lucky flower festival puts your mind in a flurry of emotions. Enjoy!

Create an original, bold, screen printed poster that shows off the nature of the film and brings people through the front door.



After pulling up references in over ten different tabs, inspiration sunk in and the sketching began. Reference and stylization came together for the flowers and portrait, although they’re not in the most realistic manner, yet not too graphic either. This happy medium produced some terrific results. 


The end result is our best effort to capture the bizarre and traumatic feeling that comes from watching Midsommar. We designed this poster after a captivating image we snagged during a pretty pivotal moment in the film. There are instances in the movie that make us want to look away, making us feel for the characters who can’t seem to escape the things happening around them. Hence the main character, played by Florence Pugh, suffocatingly surrounded with flowers and intricacies. The framing is reference to the installation shown in the movie. The typography has a nordic take on it without it being too faithful. Enjoy!

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