Mandalorian Poster

The Mandalorian made a big splash with its space cowboy western themes throughout the series. It brought together old fans with a new love for Star Wars and also new fans that have just discovered this amazing world of action and badass characters. We sought to continue those themes through our own illustrated posters and key art advertisements.

Our goal with this poster project was to keep the same strength and spirit as Lucasfilm and Disney poured into each chapter.


Mandolorian Case Study Sketches1
Mandolorian Case Study Inks1


Disney Plus’ The Mandalorian takes many themes and storylines and puts them all under one roof through an adventurous, dramatic, space western that holds your attention from beginning to end. With the unique directing setup utilizing the creative vision and expertise of seven different directors, The Mandalorian offers something special for everybody. Each episode was packed with the vibrant life of the Star Wars universe and the epic tales of a bounty hunter making his way through the galaxy.
Our poster design dedicated to the show takes a less traditional approach to modern posters and takes on a more retro, vibrant tone. We were all freaking out when Mando made an appearance in Disney’s new series, The Book of Boba Fett, and we can only hope to see our favorite bounty hunter in upcoming Star Wars content.
Mandolorian Case Study Full Color S11
Mandolorian Case Study Full Color S2 11
Mandolorian Case Study Full Color S31

Key Art Development

Along with making posters that are fun to look at, we want to show how real-world use would look. To produce the best quality end product, we took several questions into consideration— Is the thumbnail recognizable at a glance? Is the overall impression doing justice to the themes of the show? By putting these titles and illustrations to use on streaming platforms, we are able to showcase the high-quality work we provide to our partners. Our love for pop culture drives our desire to make cool shit! 
Mandalorian Keyart
Mando Iphonemockup
Mando Macmockup
Mando Tvmockup

Final Results

With this poster, we wanted to match the energy with that of the movie. In order to do that, the shape language needed to be sharp, swift, and full of contrast. The color scheme was the first step with this poster, putting four variations of orange together with a rich black, giving us the contrast we were looking for. Texture creates tone, so finding a brush with the right tooth and pressure control was the deciding factor for the overall texture of this poster.
With the amount of fire and explosives found in this movie, it seemed only right to get into the small details and brush up on our fire and cloud shape language. Keep an eye out on our entertainment page for more upcoming work from some of our favorite movies here at Dyno Creative!

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