Maha Kombucha Branding

Deeply committed to sustainability in pursuit of your passions, Maha Kombucha needed a way to convey their balanced vision with thirsty consumers. That’s where Dyno Creative made all the difference—crafting an accessible, impactful brand to reach fans where they are in work and play.

Refresh the brand identity to better promote its core values of sustainability and passion.



As we reworked the visual identity of the brand, we wanted to maintain the same iconography that had always existed, while also pushing the brand to be more clear and captivating. We built out a whole new suite of logo marks, refreshed the brands fonts and colors, and began work on developing marketing materials and other assets.

Web Design

Our ability to build a responsive website in WordPress allowed Maha Kombucha to provide more for their customers all around. First and foremost, the newly designed website allowed the brand to easily edit and make updates as needed. We were also able to develop an e-commerce feature that promoted local pickup, which was easy and accessible to everyone and especially great for farmers markets, but also provided the opportunity to ship their can products to customers. This wasn’t feasible prior to our rebranding due to the product solely being produced in glass bottles.

In addition to the ecommerce features, our newly designed website also highlights a store locator that shows where customers can buy their products and acts as a b2b (business to business) direct landing page. Even better, their new wholesale landing page shows people how to join their wholesale program and get Maha Kombucha in your stores.


We are pleased to see the value of our purposeful rebranding continues to have a positive impact on customers who visit the website.

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