Interstellar is a grand movie, often referred to as an “epic brain twister”. If you are a fan of Christopher Nolan and his unique spin on interesting topics, you’ll love this approach on the idea of time, space travel, wormholes, and more!

From the score, to the visuals…from the performances to the complex questions it asks, this movie is going to be remembered for a long time. Chalk full of interesting visuals, it was challenging for us to decide what aspect we should narrow in on for our design project. Once we got on track with a solid direction, it was all about execution and making sure not to stray too far into a very stylized piece.

Our goal was to create a poster as well-orchestrated as the movie. Exceling in all aspects, this movie deserves an equally stellar poster treatment.



This poster had its fair share of experimentation with layer styles, the different ways of inking to get a desired look, and shape making. We always find symmetry to be the most useful tool for an eye-catching composition, so incorporating symmetrical elements was a no-brainer. This poster was built separately and then brought together. Initially, we split them up by title, characters, black hole, clouds, background grid, and the flying books; the books being a callback to a major point in the movie. 

Then, working on the assets separately, we were able to better focus in on one aspect of the poster at a time. Using an octagonal smudge brush, we were able to give some distortion to the title as a tie-in to the rest of the poster. If you like what you see, keep scrolling and check out our other works!

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