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A top entrepreneur committed to sharing investment and business expertise via synergistic partnerships, Blake Hansen contacted Dyno Creative to design a sophisticated website that allowed him to achieve compliance and better connect with his audience.

With responsive features and an elevated look and feel, Dyno Creative delivered not only a state-of-the-art website, but also ensured the site was ADA compliant. Now, visitors can easily join his success network and subscribe to valuable insights to grow their start-up companies.

Create a responsive, well-designed, ADA compliant website that fosters strong communication and access to valuable resources.



Web Design

Initially designed in Photoshop, Dyno Creative came in and built a custom developed WordPress design to ensure the website would be easy to update, while still maintaining a level of sophistication and professionalism. As an investor and CEO of multiple companies, having a professional well-designed website helps Blake stand out from his competitors. More importantly, we removed barriers on the website to make it easier to access. 
Blake Hansen Mockup 4
Blake Hansen Mockup 1

Investment Portfolio

We created an inner page focused on showing visitors the various companies Blake Hansen is a part of. With Blake Hansen, not only will visitors learn how to achieve greater success with their start-up companies, they will also see the positive impact of their partnership model and how it can benefit their own company.
Blake Hansen Mockup 3

Resource Blog and Join Network

Blake Hansen values and prioritizes building a community focused on successful partnerships, so it only made sense that we develop an outlet for people to join him.
Blake Hansen Mockup 2


As a CEO, mentor, and coach, having a website design that is inclusive and removes accessibility barriers for visitors has positioned Blake Hansen ahead of his fellow competitors. Not only can he better show off his brand, visitors can easily see what he is about, what he has accomplished over the years, how he thinks, what causes he is invested in, and easily begin their own investment journey with Blake Hansen with a click of a button.

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