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At Barkfield Road, our vision for building a healthier community is made pawsible by sharing our expertise in health and wellness, our passion for high-quality products, and our commitment to helping our furry four-legged friends live long and healthy lives.

Showcase the nostalgic and welcoming core of the Barkfield Road brand. Help them empower pet parents and the community to create a more vibrant and healthy pet lifestyle.


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Starting with their mascot, we illustrated our dog in reference to Kevin and Gabby’s own furry friends. After several concepts and discussions were drawn up, we arrived at a vintage, tethered, and radiant look. With the ears settled, eyes trustingly closed, and a subtle smile, it provides a greater sense of comfort to the logo. To speak on the health benefits of shopping at Barkfield, we’ve included a lively icon of a pup in action. To go along with the store bakery, we’ve included a comical version with a baking hat.
Brandposter Tall Barkfieldroad
Logos1 1 Barkfieldroad
Logos1 Barkfieldroad
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Type Barkfieldroad

Type Treatment

Just like our illustration treatment, we gave a slight tether to our main header font that is used throughout our branding material. We constructed a font family that works well together in any setting and something that speaks to the homestyle bakery shop that is Barkfield.
Typography Barkfieldroad

Brand In Action

After diving deep into branding conversations, figuring out the language we want to speak, and visualizing a brand that will speak to the community and passerby’s, we got to put our work into action. Barkfield Road is a caring brand and establishment that knows the importance of quality and wellness. It is a one-stop shop for many of our dog’s needs. To keep consistent with the ideals Kevin and Gabby uphold, we created packaging elements that stay as iconic and cohesive as the branding. It is just as important to care for our pets as we do ourselves, and we wanted to show just how much we care with this project.
To further highlight the branding we’ve accomplished, it was time to visualize it being put out there for everyone else to see.  Our main circular mark gave a perfectly convenient fit to the brand’s home page. Alternative icon marks and branding material served perfectly for Instagram’s highlight feature. With clean brand guidelines set in place and handed off, we hope that a more distinguished look will keep bringing in new customers and lots of excited furry friends for Barkfield Road.
One of the most overlooked steps to getting a product to stand out in a crowded marketplace is adding additional value to the customer. Barkfield offers great products and baked goods for our pets, so Dyno Creative created a warm, homey aesthetic to house every baked item Barkfield may sell. With bold contrasting colors, we aimed to design something that would get people excited on social media and would want to stop in for a visit.
Print Packaging 1 Barkfieldroad
Print Packaging 2 Barkfieldroad
Print Packaging 3 Barkfieldroad
Print Packaging 4 Barkfieldroad
Mockups Barkfieldroad
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Brand Identity relies heavily on readability, cohesiveness, and sense of aesthetic. Another big tool is asking ourselves the question of – how well known can this icon be 10 – 15 years down the road? Will it stand the test of time? Will it stand out on partnership marketing material? Some solutions we’ve found along the way consist of not overcomplicating the main icon mark, fitting comfortably in a string shape – square, circle etc. Working the main icon mark into a step and repeat pattern gives yet another asset to utilize on packaging, social media, marketing material, and merchandise.
Illustration Barkfieldroad
Illustration Icons Barkfieldroad


At Dyno Creative, our partners are like family, and that sentiment rang true during our time working with Barkfield Road. Kevin and Gabby are passionate about everything they do. Their focus, care, and heart for creating a healthier community for both pets and pet parents made our time working together the smoothest process you can imagine! Their timely and insightful feedback steered our creative design in the right direction from day one. We are honored to contribute to the Long Island community once again, and we hope to work with people from all over. If you’re looking for something similar to what you’ve just seen, get in touch with us. We’d love to meet with you!

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