500 Days of Summer + Key Art

500 Days of Summer is a movie of stylistic approach. It is a modern-day based movie with hints of nostalgia and vintage feels sprinkled throughout. It differs from other romantic movies by not sticking to the usual love story plot line, allowing it to tackle a more complicated take on emotions and the modern-day relationship. As the end of the movie nears, we see the two lead characters eventually end up where the other was striving to be all along.

Our goal was to create a poster that matches the stylistic choices used in the film while maintaining our unique Dyno voice.



We’re always looking for more opportunities to strengthen our craft. What’s better than doing this while also celebrating our love for movies!? With our 500 Days of Summer poster, one of our main focuses was to stay on the warmer side of the color palette for as long as possible. It wasn’t until the end of the design project that we decided to play with some cool tones, simply out of curiosity. Our reason for this was to match the overall tone that we felt during our first time watching the movie.

With movie posters specifically, we always like to identify and expand upon the narrative aspects found in the movie. It gives us a chance to present further opportunities for those movie-lovers who are always seeking “hints” in the movie to further relate to the piece on a more meaningful level. In this movie, we wanted to acknowledge the one-sided nature of Tom’s relationship, hence the posture of our characters. This was a purposeful design choice. In addition, we wanted to come up with another creative solution that would elevate our illustration in a way that added more appeal and intrigue in the narrative, so we created the cards floating around, making a decorative/background element.

If you love this kind of artwork and hearing more behind-the-scenes details, keep an eye out on our entertainment page for more upcoming work from some of our favorite movies here at Dyno!

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