Artwork Specifications: For your artwork submission, please use a dimension of 4″ x 6″ with a 1/8 (0.125-inch bleed on all sides) and maintain a resolution of 300 dpi. We accept .JPG, PNG, and .PDF file formats. Please ensure your artwork is in CMYK color mode. Do not include event details or text in your artwork; we’ll add these after selection.
Submission Guidelines: Submit your artwork by attaching it to our online submission form. Ensure you include your full name, Instagram handle, contact information, and a brief work description.
Deadline: The deadline for submissions is June 10th at Midnight. Any submissions received after this time will not be considered.
Selection Process: Our Dyno Creative team will review all submissions and select the winning artwork.
Rights and Usage: By submitting your artwork, you grant Dyno Creative the right to use, reproduce, and display the artwork for promotional purposes related to the Drink and Draw event. You retain all other rights to your artwork. 
Prize: The winning artist will have their artwork turned into stickers, distributed widely at our events, and included in online orders. It gives the artist a tangible version of their artwork to hold. In addition, it serves as a means to showcase their talent to our extensive community. It’s a win-win where you get to see your work shared and celebrated in the wider world!
Eligibility: This contest is open to illustrators aged 18 and over. Both professional artists and hobbyists are welcome to participate.

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