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Brewed in San Luis Obispo, California with the highest quality, organically grown and ethically sourced ingredients, Whalebird Kombucha takes pride in providing its customers with tasty, good-for-your-gut beverages packed with healthy probiotics guaranteed to put a smile on your face. 

Being huge fans of their product, Dyno Creative reached out to the masterminds behind this delicious drink, eager to assist in their mission to spread this fizzy goodness across the coast while promoting improved health and wellness. Dyno’s primary goal for this partnership with Whalebird was to help evolve their brand image and make it more representative of the quality and care they commit to pouring into every beverage. 


successful solutions

Whalebird already had a terrific product in place, as well as a foundation for their brand image. We knew a new type treatment and improved icon could go a long way towards elevating the brand’s image to the next level its kombucha deserved. With this in mind, we wanted to make sure we didn’t stray away from the brand recognition that already existed between Whalebird fans and the old logo mark.


roaring results

Logo Design

Starting with their mascot, we redesigned the WhaleBird to be more dynamic. After several concepts and discussions, we arrived at this sleeker design, with the curve of the tail and a thinner nose providing a greater sense of movement to the logo. The wing was redesigned to aid in the sense of flight being conveyed. If you haven’t checked out The Story of Whalebird, you’re missing out!

Type Treatment

The type was redone to create a more identifiable logo mark that better represents the fun and eco-conscious lifestyle of the brand. The design now represents the quality of the product, while maintaining the heart of a personal brand created with so much passion.

Product Sourcing

When discussing Whalebird’s commitment to providing customers with easily accessible and ethically sourced kombucha products, Dyno presented the idea of adding an additional product source – kombucha in a can. Unanimous agreement followed as we unpacked the countless benefits to moving from glass bottles to recyclable cans. Cans offer more flexibility for customers as they can take their bubbly beverage on any adventure, anywhere, anytime. Along with the more dynamic logo and type treatment, incorporating cans created a unique opportunity for Whalebird to stand out among their kombucha competitors.

Additional Value

One of the most overlooked steps to getting a product to stand out in a crowded marketplace is adding additional value to the customer. Whalebird offers great flavor options, so Dyno created a unique flavor wheel that provides a more detailed examination of what the customer can expect from each flavor choice. 

Web Design

To further highlight the amazing products Whalebird has to offer, Dyno elevated the web design from a simple squarespace site to a website built to evolve with the company as it grows. The new and improved website now features the Whalebird team members, a dedicated landing page encouraging wholesale signups, and even a map feature to aid in finding the closest outlet that sells Whalebird Kombucha. Whether you are a consumer or a store owner looking to bring Whalebird products to your work space, everything is now one click away. 

Whalebird stands behind the value of integrity and caring for the community and environment. As Whalebird customers ourselves, we strive to maintain that relationship between product and customers. By expanding their comprehensive brand identity, web design, package design, and product sourcing, this productive partnership resulted in an overall cohesive brand that encapsulates their care and vision poured into every beverage. Sip, sip, hooray!

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