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Through a common love and appreciation for all things beer, Dyno’s talented illustrator Austin Haynes was brought on to do the January double can release for Offshoot Beer Co. Based on the direction of the design created by their anniversary auction winner, Austin ventured on the journey of clever branding, fun illustrations, and witty financial puns. 


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How do dinosaurs pay their bills? With Tyrannosaurus cheques! We all have “that” friend we make fun of at their expense, all out of love of course. Inspired by playful banter of close friends, two prompts were provided for use as the basis for the can designs: Overdraft Protection and Hoptimized Returns. 


roaring results

The primary goal on this project was to incorporate the type into the illustration. Using text within an illustration allows the designer to further get the narrative across to the consumer. With the Overdraft Protection can design, you can see waves of beer swirling around and taking over bags of money and personal belongings, highlighting the negative side effects of not having the security of overdraft protection.

The second can design, Hoptimized Returns, is a hop-lovers delight. With dollar bills interwoven throughout an endless supply of hops, this illustration communicates the great “return” you will get in flavor when you crack open a can of this Hazy Double IPA.

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