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When Real Life Games needed to transform big ideas into living products, they hired Dyno to bring their freethinking vision to reality with icons and illustrations to reflect their original game concepts from free-for-all SumoSphere to the cyber-punk showdown Guardians. 


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Since the main logo was the only marketing material in place, they needed more creative elements to create a cohesive brand identity that truly made their game feel like a video game experience brought to life. Inspired by sumi brush art, we were able to take that design aesthetic and mold the game into something with its own unique style. 


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Imagine climbing into a giant zorb ball 8ft in diameter, color coordinated to match each clan, and battling your enemy in a real arena with fans cheering from the stands. Pretty awesome, right?  Dyno came in and developed icons, illustrations, flag designs, headbands, and banners to strengthen the creative elements of the game. We developed ‘clan’ icons and illustrations of the clan members with the Real Life Games team to reflect the games theme, “Sumo Sphere”.  This allowed players to take on the role of their avatar and experience a unified color scheme tying each character to all the advertising and marketing materials. 

To top it off, we were also able to play a part in their Guardians game concept. With this game in particular, the majority of the marketing material was already in place. All we needed to do was design the two teams, a male and female character, and design the banners to help organize the players. We wanted to make sure these teams were appealing character mascots for the game. 

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