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Mythikal Metal Heads

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Mythikal Metalheads is a meticulous mash-up of the Monsters of Myth and the Music of Heavy Metal. The band members were ready to rock, but had no visual identity as a group. Enter from the depths below, Dyno Creative, ready to help transport these awesome designer collectibles to the next level.

Concepted and designed by SoCal native Kyle Wlodyga, these figures are a passion project combining two of his favorite things: Mythology and Metal. Using his experience in toy design, Kyle got to work crafting the first three members of your soon-to-be favorite band. Every great metal band needs a reliable roadie; enter Mikey the Minotaur. Don’t worry, no human sacrifices are required to enjoy these figures. Medusa roars center stage to captivate the audience; turning-people-into-stone powers not included.   Last, but certainly not least, Louie provides the un-godly musical licks that are known to bring the house down. Literally. All the way down.  

Mythikal Metalheads


successful solutions

With a name for the product line and the figures in production, Dyno Creative was brought on board to provide our “Midas Touch” of branding. When you think of great metal bands of the past and present (KISS, Metallica, Black Sabbath, Ghost) you can immediatley recall their iconic logos. Mythikal Metalheads needed this mark to help establish their presence in the genre and bring life to promotional materials and merch. 

Mythikal Metalheads
Mythikal Metalheads
Mythikal Metalheads


roaring results

Kyle’s herculean efforts poured into this project set the tone for success during his Designer Con 2020 debut. Mythikal Metalheads was on full display letting potential fans know what was coming and guaranteed to rock their world. Shirts, pins, and stickers were available for purchase, allowing fellow metal and mythology lovers to get to know the band on a deeper level. Volunteers were rocking the “Crew” member shirts to help facilitate the vibe throughout the weekend. 

The odyssey has only just begun. With plans to distribute through kickstarter in the near future, promotional videos were created to build more enthusiasm for this mythikal toy line. A theme song was also created! You won’t be able to resist a little thrashing and headbanging when your ears get a taste of it!

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