Our collaboration with Boss Dog Brand demonstrates the power behind developing a solution-oriented website that serves as a highly valuable marketing tool capable of expanding alongside a growing business. 

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As a business owner, it is important to recognize the value of a quality website. Your website should function as your #1 marketing tool, a high-powered platform that enables you to increase flexibility, control, spending, visibility…you name it! Boss Dog Brand recognized their primary pain point was to get a professional website that did all of these things while matching their new branding. Together, we were committed to finding a solution that would best serve this growing brand, allowing them to become more visible and accessible to current and future customers around North America.


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Boss Dog Brand is focused on providing nutritious food packed with high-quality ingredients that aids your pets digestive health. The care and attention they put into every product inspired us to develop a website design that was true to their brand and met all of their growing needs.  

Product Landing Page

We built the Boss Dog Brand website from the ground up.  Over time, their product line expanded from one product to over ten products with unique variations. As the product line grew and expanded, we designed a more robust system that would not only house all of their products but would also house multiple families too, which we now know today to be Boss Dog and Boss Cat.  Our website landing page provides a system of organization where users can come and check out all the products Boss Dog Brand has to offer, all in one convenient location.  


Transitioning into a larger product line prompted us to develop a next generation website featuring Ecommerce. We included this feature to allow consumers to buy a number of products on the website with ease. 

Store Locator

In addition to Ecommerce, we incorporated our store locator tool. This feature allows people to know where the closest local products are sold, as well as if the location has a full product line available at that store.  Initially located in less than 25 stores, Boss Dog Brand can now be found in over 2,000 store locations. Needless to say, the store locator tool highlights the true depth and breadth of Boss Dog Brand’s coverage across North America.


We took the initial concept of the tried and true “do it yourself” attitude and applied it to Boss Dog Brands product line. Who doesn’t love a good recipe? Our Boss Dog Recipes provide an extra layer of customer engagement.  Now, customers have the ability to use the products they already know and love and create their own delicious masterpiece to show their appreciation for their furry loved ones. Even better, customers now have another reason to come back to the website with new recipes released monthly. 


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By developing a comprehensive website that offers solid features such as an organized landing page, ecommerce, a store locator tool, and even additional resources such as monthly recipes, customers are now able to engage on a deeper and more meaningful level. We feel secure knowing that Boss Dog Brand now has a quality website that will function as a high-powered marketing tool capable of growing and expanding with the business. 



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Product Photography for Recipes

Starting with their mascot, we redesigned the WhaleBird to be more dynamic. After several concepts and discussions, we arrived at this sleeker design, with the curve of the tail and a thinner nose providing a greater sense of movement to the logo. The wing was redesigned to aid in the sense of flight being conveyed. If you haven’t checked out The Story of Whalebird, you’re missing out!

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