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Productive Partnership

With creative branding in place, the next stage in our partnership with Boss Dog revolved around creating a cohesive and effective packaging design. It was important to incorporate our branding elements throughout all forms of packaging so customers are reminded of the quality and value Boss Dog Brand products provide.


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The use of illustration was our primary element in designing the Boss Dog Brand. Our design does not contain photography – all the dogs are illustrated, as well as all of our product images and food elements. We wanted to harness the power of illustration because we wanted the animals to look like someone’s animal. When you purchase Boss Dog Brand products, you SEE your pet in package design. This offers a sense of comfort and familiarity for consumers, offering reassurance that these products are for everyone’s pet, including theirs.


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Visual Elements

Since the very first product, we made sure to create a system that was capable of expanding to almost any number of products. Our development of specific lines and certain color sets has value and function, guiding the consumer to better understand the product they are purchasing. For example, our use of the brown and tan color scheme translates to the consumer as our line of raw products, such as propuffs and treats. Our hardgoods use the standard core brand elements of red and black. 

There are continuous elements that act as callouts that allow the consumer to know they are looking at a Boss Dog product,  such as the illustrated Boss Dog pet portraits (we all know and love Abby and Kelby!). When someone looks at the Boss Dog product line, it doesn’t matter which specific product they are looking at, they know it’s Boss Dog because of the layout of the product and the hierarchy of the package design.

Health Benefits

Our use of other branded elements such as iconography allows us to better communicate with consumers of all learning styles and purchasing personalities. Shout out to all our fellow visual learners! With our iconography, you will know exactly what the health benefits are in each product.

Our iconography also allows for consumers to quickly scan the product rather than have to read long descriptions. We feel this is so valuable, we approached feeding directions in the same way.  Our illustrative elements on the packaging creates stronger interest and organizes the content in a powerful hierarchy that allows the consumer to focus on the primary elements guiding them through the packaging in the buying experience.

Family Lifestyle

Just like Boss Dog Brand, we believe our pets are an extension of family.

Idea & Concept

Any pet owner can get behind a brand who prioritizes the health and well-being of their animals. Based on the idea that all pets can be a boss, we created a cohesive package design highlighting those values.

Product Design

Who can resist these awesome illustrations of our beloved dogs and cats? With our product design, consumers find comfort in knowing exactly what they are getting in each product.

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