This is a breakdown of the work that we did for one of our clients. Branding a company from top to bottom. 

Project Details




Productive Partnership

Boss Dog Brand counted on Dyno Creative to disrupt the market with their nutritional and delectable dog treats. Together, we built a scalable brand based on a united love of dogs. Since defining their cohesive voice and vibe across every touchpoint, Boss Dog Brand successfully skyrocketed to be sold in 1500+ stores throughout the U.S. and Canada. 

Boss Dog was built on an idea. Whether your dog is a Chihuahua, Labrador, or Rhodesian Ridgeback, any dog can be a BOSS. Boss Dog Brand needed creative branding that reinforced this idea and we were up for the challenge.


successful solutions

Boss Dog Brand established their company with passion and dedication to providing the most healthy and delicious treats for our furry family members. The Dyno team helped build a comprehensive brand identity that emulated the strength and playful energy we all see in our beloved dogs. 

Visual Identity Brand Logo

Our initial exploration led us to investigate a number of different options that could symbolize this concept in a clear and relatable way. We eventually settled on the strength of a shieldmark that echos the look of a dog’s nose. Even better, its design has the ability to be flexible and represent other animals. In turn, all the elements of boss dog brand can be used independently – shield and type – and still remain strong.

The brand represents a number of pillars, but one of the largest is the idea of being a boss. When you think “boss”, certain traits are automatically associated, such as you strength and leadership. We extended this idea even further – being a “boss” over your pets health, which was driven through all elements of the branding. This became the foundation of all the other elements of the brand such as packaging, web design, illustration.

Boss Cat Logo

The next logical leap was to figure out how we could take a brand which has dog in it and make it a cat based brand. Thankfully, our initial concept of the shieldmark echoing the look of a dog’s nose offered a solid foundation for expanding into other logos. Simply changing a dog to a cat and using the same foundational elements that the brand was built off of, a more pointed silhouette for the shield to symbolize the cat nose, allowed us to create a sense of cohesion. We also decided to keep the same brand typographical elements to show the connection between the brands, but used an alternate color to show it as a sister brand and not a subsidiary brand.

Promotional Materials

The brand itself needed to be clean and allow its message be read loud and clear. The integration of our icons played a huge role in creating a design that could speak well in all other formats, whether print or digital and be able to be read at small and large levels. A number of the elements could be repeated or used separately as the brand expanded.


roaring results

Building a brand from the ground up is an exciting process. In the beginning stages of our journey, we discussed the vision and priorities of the company as a whole. This gave us further insight and inspiration to develop a variety of potential logo marks to incorporate into the brand’s design. 

Working with multiple options allowed us to transition the client from “big picture” ideas to a more narrowed and focused theme, which led us to the final logo mark you see here. Our big takeaways revolved around the power of simplicity in the design and its ability to represent boss dogs of all shapes and sizes. 

In the end, our creative branding for Boss Dog Brand provided visual reference points that act as automatic associations to quality healthy products for your pets. The logo marks, iconography and typography, and color selections provide a cohesive identity based around the idea that with Boss Dog products, any pet can be a boss.

Benefit Icons

In addition, Dyno developed several icons to represent the multiple benefits packed into each Boss Dog product. Above, you can see those icons in action, highlighting the superior product quality compared to its competitors.

Easy to Identify

The overall package design is further supported by these icons as they offer customers quick, easy-to-identify reassurance that thoughtful attention and care has been poured into each product with these healthy and nutritious ingredients.​

Happy Customers

Boss Dog customers are focused on one thing - providing the best products for their pets. With the brands high-quality ingredients and our cohesive branding, customers know exactly what they are getting when they purchase Boss Dog Brand.

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