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Boss Dog Brand counted on Dyno Creative to disrupt the market with their nutritional and delectable dog treats. Together, we built a scalable brand based on a united love of dogs. Since defining their cohesive voice and vibe across every touchpoint, Boss Dog Brand successfully skyrocketed to be sold in 1500+ stores throughout the U.S. and Canada. 


successful solutions

Boss Dog Brand established their company with passion and dedication to providing the most healthy and delicious treats for our furry family members. The Dyno team helped build a comprehensive brand identity that emulated the strength and playful energy we all see in our beloved dogs. 


roaring results

Building a brand from the ground up is an exciting process. In the beginning stages of our journey, we discussed the vision and priorities of the company as a whole. This gave us further insight and inspiration to develop a variety of potential logo marks to incorporate into the brand’s design. Working with multiple options allowed us to transition the client from “big picture” ideas to a more narrowed and focused theme, which led us to the final logo mark you see here. Our big takeaways revolved around the power of simplicity in the design and its ability to represent boss dogs of all shapes and sizes. Even cooler, the badge is representative of a stylized dog nose. 

In addition, Dyno developed several icons to represent the multiple benefits packed into each Boss Dog product. Above, you can see those icons in action, highlighting the superior product quality compared to its competitors. The overall package design is further supported by these icons as they offer customers quick, easy-to-identify reassurance that thoughtful attention and care has been poured into each product with these healthy and nutritious ingredients.

Web Design

Like a boss, Dyno created the Boss Dog Brand website from the ground up. At first, the B2B website was trying to entice customers while only featuring one product. Now, the brand’s tremendous growth is evident as they currently have over half a dozen products offered. Integrating the Store Locator feature was a critical turning point for the company, in addition to the At Your Service button for store owners interested in carrying Boss Dog Brand products.  It fell right in line with the packaging design, was mobile response, and easy for the team to update. It also provided a platform for charity work, blog posts, recent press articles and upcoming events to be shared. To say it was exciting to  see the website design, package design, videography, and photography come together to form a cohesive brand identity is an understatement. 

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