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If you could not tell based on our portfolio of work, we LOVE the cinema! We’ve consumed so much entertainment and experienced immense joy from the stories we’ve viewed over the years. Whenever we have a chance to pair our artistic sensibilities with that of the movies, we are game.

So, when the storied Cape Cinema reached out to us to refresh its brand identity, our heads spun from excitement with the possibilities! This was a dream come true for our team, and a chance to contribute to an already impressive legacy.

The Goal

Evolve Cape Cinema’s brand identity to reflect where the theater is going in the future while paying homage to its timeless and iconic history.

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A focal point of Cape Cinema’s updated brand identity was to modernize its image while preserving its unique identity and heritage. We wanted to revitalize its visual identity and enhance its overall brand experience to reflect the charm and sophistication of Cape Cod.

To achieve this, we developed a fresh and cohesive visual identity that captures the essence of Cape Cinema’s historic charm while incorporating modern design elements to appeal to current and future patrons. At first, we researched branding from other cinemas, movie theaters, and streaming services to understand the market and where Cape Cinema would fit in. Our initial sketches implemented different forms of a camera/projector to indicate that Cape Cinema is where the magic comes from. The ‘CC’ initials lent themselves perfectly to that film container shape typically seen on top of vintage cameras. This concept found its way into our final mark in a very conceptual/stripped-down way.

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Cape Cinema sought out a brand messaging refresh to refine its current messaging  and appeal to more contemporary audiences. After several meaningful and in-depth conversations, we identified Cape Cinema’s core values: legacy, unity, romance, education, and equity. With these core values in place, we were then able to update all its messaging to be in alignment with these values.

Now, Cape Cinema can effectively implement marketing strategies that will empower it to reach new audiences and attract diverse demographics, including families, millennials, and cinephiles, by highlighting Cape Cinema’s unique programming, events, and cultural significance.

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Cape Cinema Messaging


Our dynamic illustrations reflect our love for vintage, timeless designs with a modern twist. We created several limited edition posters to showcase the magic patrons experience the moment they enter the doors of Cape Cinema.  Our final contemporary designs allowed us to push our creativity while still creating a framework that serves as a template for future brand possibilities. 

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Print + Packaging

Cape Cinema’s print + packaging was created based around a versatile mark so it fits in just about anywhere. This made it easier to incorporate our designs in just about anything that needs Cape Cinema branding. We sought to create a brand mark that could work as a whole composition for an individual piece or something simple that can be used as an accent. Both of those concepts looked good while mocking the brand up on merchandise as well.

Cape Cinema’s heritage makes it unique and memorable compared to its competitors, so we wanted to pay homage to this and create something that would leave an impression on visitors. Together, we partnered with Cape Cinema’s Executive Director, Josh Mason, to create original pieces inspired by both The Wizard of Oz and the Rocky Horror Picture Show. Our brand mark provided opportunities for different poster concepts. The cinema aspect also allowed us to play with some fun concepts, for example, our gift card has the look of a movie ticket! The film companies Criterion and A24 served as inspiration for the merchandise. We hope that with time, these designs will give the same ‘classic’ and timeless feelings that you get when you see someone sporting an a24 hat.

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Digital Development

Struggling with the limitations of a Wix website, Cape Cinema sought a robust, flexible digital solution to match its dynamic cultural presence. Dyno Creative stepped in to transition them to a versatile WordPress platform, aligning with their need for an enhanced online presence.

To achieve this, we had to first address some challenges, primarily around outdated branding, content accessibility, e-commerce integration, and SEO optimization. We used our expertise to completely transform Cape Cinema’s website.

Our approach involved:

  1. Revamping Brand Alignment: We developed a WordPress website that resonates with Cape Cinema’s refreshed brand image, mirroring the richness of its cultural offerings.
  2. Enhancing User Experience: The new site layout makes it simple for users to discover current and upcoming events, fostering greater community engagement.
  3. Seamless E-commerce Functionality: We integrated a user-friendly merch store, enabling supporters to purchase merchandise easily and support the cinema.
  4. SEO Tools Implementation: By incorporating RankMath SEO, we equipped Cape Cinema with powerful tools to elevate its online presence.


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Cape Cinema Web


Dyno Creative’s passion for cinema carried us through every step of this amazing project. Our updated branding is now identifiable within its market and serves as a strong visual language for the brand moving forward. In addition, our team’s deep appreciation for the arts was the driving force in crafting an online portal that not only functions efficiently but also captures the heart and soul of Cape Cinema. The new website is not just a platform; it’s a digital reflection of the cinema’s commitment to arts and culture, inviting visitors to explore and engage with the vibrant community space.

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