Boss Dog counted on Dyno to disrupt the market with their nutritional (delectable!) dog treats. Together, we built a scalable brand based on a united love of dogs. Since defining their cohesive voice and vibe across every touchpoint, Boss Dog successfully skyrocketed to be sold in 1500+ stores throughout the U.S. and Canada.


Graphic Design
Package Design
Creative Direction
Product Sourcing

What we did

Research & Discovery / Customer Profile / Illustration / Style Guide / Logo Design / Graphic Design / Print Design / Brand Photography / Brand Messaging / Product Packaging / Video Production / Website / Motion Graphics / Brand Photography

Boss Dog Brand started with a love of dogs. Making delicious treats treats that also provided nutritional benefits. Boss Dog Brand Greek Style Frozen Yogurt Treats use 100% Human Grade ingredients with flavors that dogs love to create an irresistible treat. My team at Dyno Creative and I built the brand from the ground up to show strength and also a playful energy that we all see in our dogs.


overcoming problems

Building a brand from the ground up is a fun and exciting process. I always start with questions with the client. Then, cast a wide net to develop a number of different directions then narrow it down. After a number of round we ended up with the logo on the right. It represents that all dogs big or small can be boss. The badge is also representative of a stylized dog nose.



Above you can see those icons in action, show how much better the product is than it’s competitors.

Work With Us.

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