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Birds of Prey Key Art + Illustrated Poster

In an effort to celebrate the release of Birds of Prey, we created a movie poster and key art campaign featuring the films heroines in their badass and groovy glory.


The Goal

To create lively imagery that tells a story and engages audiences.

Illustration + Key Art

Like Harley Quinn did in the film, we at Dyno Creative are all for stepping up and taking charge of your own destiny. To celebrate this new lease on life, we couldn’t resist portraying these bold changes through equally bold illustrations. 

For the illustration and other key art imagery, it was important to embody the personalities of the Birds of Prey come with. That often takes the form of swirling shapes and bright pops of color befitting a comic book (the source material), or the whacky mind warping of a technicolor fun house, (Harley Quinn’s go to hideouts). 

Taking inspiration from comics, pulp fiction novel covers, and the neon sugar coated grunge of the late 90’s and early 2000’s was the basis for the designs for the poster as well as the other key art designs. Looking at the film and its production design we wanted to emulate that feeling of something that was fun, wild, dangerous, and fueled by girl power!

With the illustration completed, we built out additional key art to to flesh out a more realized streaming service content campaign. In this instance it was via the HBOmax streaming service. HBOmax is owned by Warner Brothers, the studio where Birds of Prey was made and also owns DC Comics, the publisher from which the initial source material of the film comes from.

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We created imagery that celebrates the strength and independence displayed by the fun, ragtag team present in the Birds of Prey. 

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