Premium Addons for Elementor Review: 50+ Innovative Widgets and Add-ons


Elementor has quickly grown from an upstart page builder to one of the premier WordPress page builder plugins, powering over 3 million websites.

As great as the core Elementor page builder plugin is, though, some people want even more design flexibility than the core Elementor plugin can offer.

Thankfully, the Elementor team built Elementor as an open ecosystem that makes it easy for other developers to “hook in” and extend the core Elementor plugin.

That’s the topic of today’s Premium Addons for Elementor review…

Premium Addons for Elementor comes in both a free and premium version and adds 50+ innovative Elementor widgets and add-ons, plus a variety of templates. It’ll have you embedding pricing tables, image layers, charts, content switchers, plus a whole lot more.

In my Premium Addons for Elementor review, I’ll share more about what exactly you get with the plugin. Then, I’ll take you hands-on and show you some of my favorite new widgets and features.

Finally, because performance is always an important consideration, I’ll finish things out by running some performance tests to see what effect using Premium Addons for Elementor might have on your site’s page load times.


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Premium Addons for Elementor Review: What’s Included

As I mentioned above, Premium Addons for Elementor adds 50+ new widgets and add-ons, as well as a bunch of new templates that you can import.

So what’s the difference between a widget and an addon?

Well, a widget is a new content element that you get to use in your Elementor designs (just like all the native Elementor widgets that the plugin comes with).

An add-on, on the other hand, extends one of the existing Elementor widgets. For example, the parallax add-on gives you all kinds of new functionality to add parallax to existing Elementor sections. Similarly, the particles add-on adds a really neat particles effect that you can use with your sections.

Most of the additions are widgets, though the comparatively small number of add-ons are pretty useful.

The Exact List of New Widgets and Addons

Premium Addons for Elementor comes in both a free version at, as well as a premium version.

Around 22 widgets are available for free, while the remaining 30+ widgets/add-ons are available in the premium version.

Here’s the full list:

Content widgets:

  • Carousel
  • Blog
  • Google Maps
  • Persons
  • Tabs
  • Content switcher

Image widgets:

  • Image grid
  • Image scroll
  • Image comparison
  • Image hotspots
  • Image layers
  • Image accordion
  • Image separator

Section addons & widgets:

  • Vertical scroll
  • Multi-Scroll
  • Parallax section add-on
  • Particles section add-on
  • Animated gradient section add-on
  • Ken Burns section add-on

Off-grid widgets:

  • Modal box
  • Alert box
  • Magic section
  • Preview window

Reviews & testimonials:

  • Testimonials
  • Facebook reviews
  • Google reviews
  • Yelp reviews

Blurbs & CTA widgets:

  • Banner
  • Button
  • Image button
  • Flip box
  • Icon box
  • iHover
  • Unfold

Social feed widgets:

  • Facebook feed
  • Twitter feed
  • Instagram feed
  • Behance feed

Tables, charts, and other data widgets:

  • Progress bar
  • Pricing table
  • Charts
  • Tables

Contact widgets:

  • Contact Form 7
  • Facebook Messenger
  • WhatsApp Chat

More widgets:

  • Fancy text
  • Heading
  • Dual heading
  • Video box
  • Counter
  • Countdown
  • Divider

If you want to see what each widget looks like, you can find demos for every single widget at the developer’s website.

Premium Templates

Beyond the new widgets and add-ons, Premium Addons for Elementor also gives you access to a bunch of premium templates that you can import just like the core Elementor templates. The templates are categorized into a variety of different use cases, which you can filter by on the left-hand side:

Some of the templates are free, but most require the premium version.


Finally, with the premium version, you can white-label the Premium Addons for Elementor interface to replace it with your own branding, which is a nice touch if you’re building client websites.

Premium Addons for Elementor Pricing

You can get started with Premium Addons for Elementor for free with the version at

For access to the full list of widgets and add-ons, as well as all the templates and the white-labeling feature, you’ll need the premium version.

There are two yearly license plans. Both are full-featured – the only difference is the number of sites:

  • Single site – $39
  • Unlimited sites – $79

Both come with one year of support and updates, as well as a 30% renewal discount.

Then, there’s also a lifetime plan, which I know will appeal to people who build websites for a living (y’all love those lifetime deals!). You can pay $199 for lifetime support and updates and use on unlimited sites.

If you’re working with a lot of client sites, I think that’s a great deal that will quickly pay for itself.

All plans also come with a 14-day money-back guarantee, so you’re not risking anything.

Hands-On with Premium Addons for Elementor

I have both the free and premium version of the plugin installed on my test site, so let’s take this Premium Addons for Elementor review hands-on and I’ll show you some of my favorite widgets and add-ons.

Because there are over 50 new options, I can’t show you every single one. But I will try to show you a few different styles of widgets and add-ons to give you a good idea of what to expect from the whole collection.

Facebook Reviews

The Facebook Reviews widget lets you automatically display reviews from any of your Facebook pages as a widget in Elementor. The setup process is simple – you just go through the normal Facebook auth process and then you can display reviews from any Facebook page:

I don’t have any pages with reviews, but you can view a demo here – the designs look pretty great, and you also get widgets for Yelp reviews and Google reviews:

Multi Scroll

The Multi Scroll widget lets you create a neat multi-scroll effect based on content from an Elementor template or a text editor. This one is kind of hard to show via a screenshot because it involves scrolling, so you really need to check it out on the live demo page.

Image Hotspots

The Image Hotspots widget is a neat one that lets you overlay content on an image. For example, you can display an icon that shows a tooltip on hover:

You can also overlay text directly or a custom image.

Image Comparison

The Image Comparison widget is another cool way to work with images that lets you compare two different images. Visitors can use a slider to change the ratio between the two images:


The Charts widget lets you embed charts and graphs right in your Elementor designs. You can choose from a few different types:

  • Line
  • Bar
  • Horizontal bar
  • Pie
  • Radar
  • Doughnut
  • Polar area

Section Add-ons

This one is a four-fer that shows the four add-ons that you can apply to regular Elementor sections. Those add-ons are:

  1. Parallax
  2. Particles
  3. Animated Gradient
  4. Ken Burns Effect

For example, if you enable the Ken Burns Effect, you can add one or more items and configure how the effect works:


In the screenshots above, you’ve seen the orange star icon to the left of the normal Elementor add template button. If you click that button, you’ll open all the Premium Addons for Elementor templates.

A lot of these templates are focused on helping you use your new widgets in interesting ways, which is a neat approach for helping you get more from your new widgets.

For example, this one integrates the modal box widget:

Premium Addons for Elementor Performance Test

With 50+ new widgets and add-ons, you might naturally be wondering if Premium Addons for Elementor is going to bloat up your designs and slow down your site.

I was wondering the same, so let’s find out…

To test the plugin’s impact, I’ll run three separate tests:

  • A page with just some core Elementor widgets and Premium Addons for Elementor deactivated. This is the control page that I’ll test against.
  • The exact same page but with Premium Addons for Elementor activated. With this test, I want to see if Premium Addons for Elementor loads its resources on every Elementor page.
  • A page that swaps those core Elementor widgets with Premium Addons for Elementor widgets. I’ll try to use widgets that overlap for a fair test. For example, both the core Elementor plugin and Premium Addons for Elementor have countdown widgets, so I can see how each compares from a performance perspective.

My test page has four widgets:

  • Countdown
  • Pricing table
  • Counter
  • Testimonial

I’m not too concerned with the page load times because I’m using a sandbox environment and running one-off tests. Instead, I’m mainly looking to see how the page size and HTTP request numbers change.

Test 1: Elementor and Elementor Pro – Control Page (No Premium Addons)

  1. Page size: 601 KB
  2. Requests: 50

Test 2: Elementor and Elementor Pro – Control Page (Premium Addons Activated, but Not in Use)

  1. Page size: 631 KB
  2. Requests: 51

Premium Addons for Elementor loads its stylesheet sitewide, on both Elementor and non-Elementor content, which explains the extra request and the small 30 KB jump in page size.

Test 3: Replace Core Elementor Widgets with Premium Addons

  • Page size: 606 KB
  • Requests: 49

Compared to the core Elementor test page, Premium Addons for Elementor managed to create a similar-looking page with 1 fewer request and 5 extra KB – so I’d say it’s pretty much equal to the core Elementor plugin, which is a good sign.

Premium Addons for Elementor is Modular

If you’re concerned about performance, you’ll like Premium Addons for Elementor’s modular approach, which lets you activate or deactivate individual widgets and add-ons as needed:

Final Thoughts on Premium Addons for Elementor

Premium Addons for Elementor adds a bunch of helpful new goodies to extend your Elementor page builder experience.

The new widgets are great for extending the design capabilities of Elementor, and the add-ons help you create more interesting designs with particle effects, parallax scrolling, and more.

Plus, you also get all those new templates that you can use to save some time.

You can check out a full demo of all the widgets and find more information at the Premium Addons for Elementor website. Or, you can grab the free version at


An exclusive offer for WP Mayor readers. Use the coupon code ‘WPMayor’ to get 10% off Premium Addons for Elementor!

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