Introducing Multi-Step Form & Lottie Animations


We’re thrilled to introduce two new amazing features to Elementor Pro v2.10: Multi-Step Form and Lottie widget.

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An Even More Robust Form Builder

The Multi-Step Form functionality is now added on top of Elementor’s already robust Form Builder. You now have a form builder that covers all bases! *

* I persume you already started typing your comment about the missing conditional form. Don’t worry, this is just the first version.

With multi-step forms, your forms won’t only look better, they’ll deliver higher success rates when you’re looking to collect information from website visitors.

Help Your Visitors Complete Registration and Improve Your Conversions with Multi-Step Form

Better User Experience

Convincing users to fill out your forms is no easy task. Once you’ve finally encouraged them to read your form and even consider filling it out, you’ll want to make sure you keep them there and don’t lose them to the exit button. Forms can be intimidating and daunting, and you want to keep your users engaged.

Our new Multi-Step Form widget addresses this exact issue: making a complex form into a simple, beautiful design element.

Increased Conversions and Leads

There’s no doubt that a form that’s nice to look at and easy to navigate through will definitely deliver more leads and conversions. That’s your goal as a web creator, and it’s the goal of the Multi-Step Form widget, too.

Multi-step will allow you to improve conversion rates across all fields and industries. These type of forms are common for insurance, university, real estate, tourism and other major verticals, and I’m sure they will help you create high converting forms with endless flexibility.

How It Works

After you drag a form to the page, add the “Step” field. You will now see that a new field has been automatically added and it is visually distinguishable. Move the Step item to the location you wish to split into steps, and voila! You just created a Multi-Step form.

The Step field will act as a separator and will allow users to:

  • Choose the step indication: Icon, Text, Icon & Text, Number, Number & Text, Progress Bar or None
  • Add an icon as a step indicator
  • Customize the steps appearance
  • Customize the Next and Previous items
  • and Validate each step field

Watch the full tutorial >

Take Your Sites to a Whole Other Interactive Level

Turn Your Website Into an Animated Experience With Lottie Animations #BuildWithLottie #ElementorLove

Final Words

Adding Lottie animations and Multi Step Forms offer two great ways to improve not only your user experience but your user interface, too. As web trends are constantly evolving, it’s always exciting to keep enhancing the features on your website and position yourself as a true expert.

Stay tuned, because Elementor 3.0 is just around the corner, and it certainly packs a punch ?

Want to take this version for a spin? Upgrade to Elementor Pro and start enjoying multi step forms and Lottie animations!

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