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NegotiateHers is dedicated to your success. Founded on the belief that women deserve to take up space in our world and are capable of achieving great success, NegotiateHers strives to empower women working in nonprofits to utilize tools and strategies that enable them to confidently ask for what they deserve, without fear or reservation. Our passion for self advocacy and the desire to replace the potential fear of negotiations with empowerment fuels us to leave the world a better place.

Showcase the empowering core of the NegotiateHers brand, solidified in a future where women confidently take up their own space, are treated equally to their male counterparts, and have no fear of asking for what they need.


Negtiate Hers Image For Case Study


We wanted to create a logo that reflected the core values of the brand, and abundance and kindness were two that stood out very early on. We began to create imagery based on the idea of a garden, with magnolias to convey empowerment, gladiolus for strength and tenacity, and an olive branch for peace and confidence. As development continued we also wanted to highlight the femininity of the brand in a way that felt empowering and genuine. The end result is a beautiful combination of a magnolia branch and womans face in to convey those ideals.
Nh Casestudy Poster
Nh Casestudy Development 4
Nh Casestudy Development 2
Nh Casestudy Development 3
Nh Casestudy Brand Logos

Type Treatment

The type used in the primary logo is structured and elegant. It lends itself to be able to be applied in multiple headline scenarios and the supporting type is clean and simple.
Nh Casestudy Typetreatment Updated
Nh Casestudy Type3 Updated

Brand In Action

NegotiateHers is a brand  founded on the belief that women deserve to take up space in our world and are more than capable of achieving great success. When using the brand elements on apparel or other merch, we want to make sure the brand feels approachable, while also inspiring confidence in all who interact with it.
To keep consistent with the ideals Becca, NegotiateHers founder, upholds we created a brand identity that  feels authentic and cohesive across a variety of layouts.
We understand the importance of creating a safe space for hard conversations, and hope our branding encourages others to find their voice and advocate for their best interests.
Nh Casestudy Brandaction 1
Nh Casestudy Brandaction2


At Dyno Creative, we understand the importance of creating safe spaces for hard conversations, and ensuring everyone has a voice. Becca’s passion and drive inspired us to make this project the best it could be and we hope our solution encourages others to speak up and advocate for their best interests.
We hope to continue to work to inspire change in the future. Interested in getting started? Let’s make a difference. If you’re looking for something similar to what you’ve just seen, get in touch with us. We’d love to meet with you!

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