Mythikal Metalheads

When Mythikal Metalheads wanted pros they could count on to bring their original line of figurines to life, Dyno Creative was clutch in creating enticing elements to capture the rebellious brand for unveiling at DesignerCon. From logo and graphic design to photography,  video production, and everything in-between— we’re proud of the rockin’ designs we crafted for these headbangers.

Create enticing elements highlighting the rebellious vibe of the Mythikal Metalheads line of figurines.



A custom title treatment born of fire and brimstone brings this original band of mythical rockers to life. This mark mimics the style of your favorite face-melting demigods that came before, so consumers know what kind of show they are in for.
2 Logo
3 Pins

Print + Packaging

Stickers, pins, shirts…OH MY! The merch table was stacked with goodies to delight those who carry themselves with courage and poise of a true roadie. Foregoing our chisels and stone for tablets and computers, we got to work drawing some tasty tributes to help build hype for the main act. Since the figures were still on the tour bus and unable to perform, we provided audiences with pins to attach to their most metal of vests, as a visual reminder that something fierce is thundering down the road.
5 Merch
4 Stickers


We had to hype up the spectacle-to-come with a kickass teaser video, complete with an original track to get your head banging and your metal clanging.
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Play Video
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Mythikal Metalheads debut at Designer Con was a successful opening act, with great things to come!

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