Coastal Craft Kombucha: Big City Apple Pie Package Design

If you’ve ever been to New York for the holidays, you know there’s a special feeling of being in the big city with holiday decorations sprinkled across the town and hopeful spirits running high. In this can design project, we were looking to combine the nostalgia of the holiday season, the coastal lifestyle of Long Island, and the deliciousness of apple pie. If you’ve got some extra apple pie, go grab yourself a slice!

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Cck Apple Pie Flavor Sketches 2
Cck Apple Pie Flavor Sketches 3
Cck Apple Pie Flavor Sketches 1
Cck Apple Pie Flavor Sketches 4


Working with a shorter timeline on this project left no room for overthinking. We buckled down and focused on the basics, trying to add as much as we could before it got too complicated. We had three aspects we knew we wanted to include in the design: the city (as a tie in to our illustration), a surfer (for a development in our overall brand narrative), and our main flavor callout,  apple pie! After the first round, we decided to move forward with our hatchback sketch. The setting was more cozy, settled down, and gave more opportunities to push our elements in a more believable way. After anatomical adjustments and color switches were made, we came out with the final version below. Enjoy!
Cck Apple Pie Flavor Linework
Cck Apple Pie Flavor Finalartwork


We are proud to have delivered yet another can illustration/design that is consistent with the brand and effectively communicates the comfort, nostalgia, and flavor discovered with every sip.  These drinks have long since sold out, but with sequels being all the rage, never say never on a follow up!

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