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5 Steps To Developing A Dynomite Brand Messaging Framework

By Dyno Creative | September 1, 2022

Brand messaging is an essential part of any business. Discover the 5 steps to developing a dynomite brand messaging framework with Dyno Creative.

Brand Messaging Defined

Brand messaging is an essential part of any business. It helps companies communicate their values to the public and express their purpose in a way that is consistent with their brand. Here at Dyno Creative, we offer our services to help our partners identify and develop a dynomite brand messaging framework that best expresses their value proposition to their target audience. In this article, we will break down the value of effective brand messaging and share the 5 most important steps you can take to achieve brand messaging success.

Value, Value, Value

First things first, it is important to not gloss over how truly valuable effective brand messaging is to the overall success of your business. Not only does your brand messaging help differentiate your business from your competitors, it also supports and reinforces your company’s marketing and advertising efforts. It is important for businesses to have a clear and concise brand message that they can use to attract and retain customers. Brand messaging is an important tool used to build brand awareness and brand loyalty. When used effectively, your brand messaging can help your business achieve your objectives and goals. That’s a pretty sweet deal if you ask us!

Check-In With Yourself

Oftentimes, business owners know different components of their brand messaging strategy, but they don’t always have a clear understanding of the entire framework overall. If this speaks to where you are at right now, that’s okay! Now would be a good time to gather any resources you may have pertaining to your brand messaging and lay it out in front of you. Go ahead – we’ll wait.

Got it all? Great! Let’s continue.

It’s time to check-in with yourself. As you reevaluate each component of your messaging that is currently in place, ask yourself the following questions:

Depending on where you landed with these questions, you may find that you are well on your way to solidifying your brand messaging framework. Or, you may be experiencing an I need to start all over kind of moment. Either way, you are on the right track. Let’s keep going!

Developing Your Brand Messaging Framework

Did you know your brand messaging framework essentially acts as the foundation for all of your messaging? It’s true. Just as actors are encouraged to “stick to the script”, your brand also needs to “stay in character” by following the brand messaging framework.

Your framework is a collection of resources that paint a picture of your brand overall. Not only is this framework important to you and your employees, it is also an essential tool used with third parties, such as a copywriter or marketing specialist, who is speaking on behalf of your brand.

So how do you build this framework, exactly? Here’s our 5 Steps to developing a dynomite brand messaging framework.

1. Identify your target audience.

Before you can craft any messaging, you have to identify your target audience. This can be tricky, especially if your business serves multiple audiences. Once you’ve zeroed in on your target audience, you need to understand what motivates them. What are their needs and desires? What do they care about? Once you have a good understanding of their needs, you can start to craft brand messaging that resonates with them on a deeper level. It is important that you take the time to do this step, otherwise your messaging will fall short. By tailoring your messaging to your specific target audience, you’ll be much more likely to rise above your competitors and create a brand messaging framework that is truly DYNOMITE!

2. Craft your value proposition.

The second step to creating a dynomite brand messaging framework is to know your value proposition. What is it that makes your brand unique and valuable? Why should customers choose you over the competition? At Dyno Creative, we help our partners conduct market research analysis so they can collect valuable data that will guide their decisions and reinforce their position in the marketplace. Your value proposition should be at the heart of everything you do, from your marketing communications to the way you answer the phone. It highlights both the functional and emotional benefits your brand provides. Once you have a clear understanding of your value proposition, you can begin to craft a brand messaging framework that will amplify your unique selling points and help you attract new business.

3. Create your tagline.

Your brand’s tagline is a short summary of your brands positioning and value proposition. In just a few words, your goal is to communicate the value your brand has to offer in a catchy and memorable way. Not only will your tagline benefit your target audience, it also serves as a reminder to your employees what your brand is all about. For more support on how to establish your tagline, check out Forbes’ three keys to bringing your brand’s tagline to life.

4. Identify your core values.

Core values are the key beliefs or principles that guide your business. Acting as foundational pillars of your brand, your core values are a direct reflection of what matters most to your brand overall. They provide focus and direction for your employees, and also provide an opportunity for your target audience to relate to you a more meaningful level.

Here are Dyno Creative’s core values:



We believe small steps lead to big change, so we strive to improve 1% everyday. This allows us to evolve brands by taking calculated risks while remaining committed to the overall vision of the brand.
The limitless bounds of imagination is our playground. As we examine the outer limits of design, we remain open to exploring all opportunities and discovering unique solutions.



We like what we do and don’t take ourselves too seriously. Our sense of play and exploration bleeds into all elements of our brand, from personal interactions to our deliverables and work.
Our clients are our partners. We walk alongside our partners through the entire process. We don’t TELL people what we do, we SHOW them what to do and then we do it WITH them.

Based on our core values, our target audience understands that by working with Dyno Creative, they will have a positive partnership with creative and open-minded people who are passionate about helping brands evolve and find success. Click here for more ideas on company core values.

5. Define your brand voice.

Last but not least, you need to define your brand voice. That is, what personality does your brand have? At Dyno Creative, we enjoy guiding our partners through an exercise where they discover their brand archetype. This lets them know what overarching lens they approach their business from. From there, we discuss tone, mood, develop a word bank of words to use and words not to use, and create a brand persona. All of these elements help mold your brand voice so your target audience will make an automatic association with your brand.

Use It, Don't Lose It

So, how do you actually use your brand messaging framework? Once you have your brand messaging framework mapped out, it is time to embed it into all facets of your business. Most importantly, your framework should be built out as an internal reference guide that is shared with your entire company.

Everything your company does, says, or writes needs to filter through your brand messaging framework. By including it into your brand guidelines, you can ensure your messaging will be consistent and your employees will all be on the same page. You can also refer to it as you move through the creative brainstorming process. New content should not be generated without first referring to your framework to ensure the messaging is in line with your company’s values.

Let's Be Partners!

Honestly, this process may seem a little intimidating at first, but it doesn’t have to be. You don’t have to do it alone. With Dyno Creative, we act as your true partner in building connections between your brand and your customers. Our creative solutions are geared towards your current and future success. Let’s get started!



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