Why is the Design of a Package for Kombucha Brewery Based on Flavors Important?

Why is the Design of a Package for Kombucha Brewery Based on Flavors Important?

As the demand for Kombucha increases in daily life, so is the palate of consumers who tend to try new flavors of it. And when the consumer’s demand increases, Kombucha breweries have to bring new flavors into the market.

But if a brewery starts selling its different flavors in the same packaging that won’t be a good marketing strategy as people are not only attracted towards a new taste but towards the packaging of a product as well.
So the main question is, why is it important for a Kombucha brewery to create different design packaging for a product based on its flavors. And what drives customers to package when they only have to use the product, not the packaging.

Today, we will help you understand the reason behind this mystery:

1. Kill the competition:

Multiple flavors with different packaging styles will take multiple shelf space and will leave lesser space for your competitors to place their product in the market.

2. Fascinate consumer eye:

When a new flavor of a famous brand is launched consumers are eager to give it a try. But before buying the product, consumers should find the packaging of the product appealing. With so many Kombucha Breweries in the market, the product with the most fascinating branding and easy-to-use packaging will have the highest sales even if the taste is a tad bit lower than the product with poor packaging.

3. Easy to differentiate:

The best way to sell a product from a stock shelf is by not giving them time to read a label of the product in order to understand what flavor or brand it belongs to. So when you package a product of the same brand differently and in the right color scheme it will help consumers to quickly understand what will be the flavor of a product and that product will be sold quickly.

So, if you have a Kombucha business and want a package design for kombucha brewery based on the flavor, get in touch with Dyno Creative.

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