Designing The Perfect Bottle Design – Step To Step Guide

Designing The Perfect Bottle Design – Step To Step Guide

A well-designed bottle is what makes your product stand out in the market from your competitors. It can be difficult for your product to grab the spotlight when consumers make split-second selections based purely on the appearance of the product’s bottle design.

Follow the steps below to develop an attractive bottle design that will entice customers to buy your product.

1. Get To Know About Your Customers

Who is going to be your target market? Ask yourself this question and find out the answer on the basis of the following parameters:

  • Demographic Factors like age, gender, occupation, lifestyle etc
  • Geographical Factors like city, state, country etc.

2. Select The Label Size Of Your Bottle

There are a lot of label sizes available that vary from industry to industry. So, it is required to select the perfect label size for your bottle in such a way that your product is also visible and the contents of the bottle’s label are also visible.

3. Choose The Label Material

Choose the right label material as label materials vary from type of packaging material you are using for the product. The label material should be such that it should complement your bottle.

4. Choose The Right Label Template

A label template has a variety of formats available. Choose the appropriate template that suits best for your bottle design. It should be such that it doesn’t overlap your product design and content is also readable.

5. Design Your Bottle Label

Bottle labels should be unique in all parameters because this is the first thing that a customer sees even before the quality and taste of your product. Add images, use graphics, color coordinated themes to make your bottle label attractive.

6. Proof Check Everything

At the last step, proof check everything as it may take the whole process to be performed again if a mistake is made at any step. So, it is better to be cautious at every step rather than to make a mistake.

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